Mould inspection (acceptance) method and step

Posted January 28, 2015 by cnmoulding

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Mould inspection (acceptance) method and step

How to acceptance of the mould

One, the products after the acceptance of mould manufacturing, passes through many times test, general small and medium-sized mold need to test 1 ~ 3 times, large and medium-sized mold need 3 ~ 5 times, particularly complex structure mould test number may also be more. Test how much the number of times and the equipment used and relevant operation quality engineer, is closely related to such factors as the quality of mold design, production. At the same time, to some extent reflects the technical level of a mold factory. Most can reflect comprehensively the mould is the last time the level of test samples are provided. Usually, send the sample order to check the result as an important basis when acceptance of the mould. Basic size samples are correct or not can reflect the mould manufacturing precision. Therefore, in the process of acceptance, the first to have the product acceptance. Acceptance at least plastic parts stamping or 16 hours after completing required by post-processing. Acceptance standard ambient temperature of 232, 506% relative humidity and dew point temperature of 21, atmospheric pressure of 890 ~ 1060 hpa, 1 m/s air velocity. If the actual environment is not standard, can be in under the conditions of both parties through consultation, or obtained by the numerical modify it with the length of the corresponding coefficient of expansion.

1. The basic size of products inspection made a sample, the first thing to observe its overall shape is correct, the basic model is in line with the product design thought. And then test the basic size of products.

2. The products with the size of the inspection products refers to products with the size between each other products or products and related components with dimensions, including local dimension and relative location of the overall size.

3. The trial assembly inspection When the basic size, dimension, cooperate with the dimensional check over, think it is in line with the design requirements, can try assembly inspection, this is very important in product inspection means, it can be validated to fit size, to verify this space curved surface.

4. Product appearance quality inspection After the pre-installed conform to the requirements, need on the apparent quality of the product to conduct a comprehensive inspection, then the table view of quality refers to the conditions, there is no common defects apparent quality meets the requirements.

5. Dynamic balance and static balance test For high speed components will go into action, the static balance test; For parts require high strength, resistance to impact test, strength, high temperature test, etc. Parts after full acceptance, acceptance to mould, mentioned above, can provide complete sample mould, can be regarded as basic reasonable on the whole structure. However, for other parts of the mold, the still have to carefully check, the mould structure parts machining precision, ways of panel board, the heat treatment method, factors directly affect the service life of mould.

1. Mold the appearance quality of a pair of mold in front, first observe its template mechanical processing level, below the template on the flat, flat grinding forming. Overall dimensions, has (2 ~ 5) mmX45 chamfering, can give a person a good impression, even reminiscent of mold internal processing quality must be superior. If the surface is rough, the length of the template not neat, although does not affect the intrinsic quality, but make the person is hard to imagine such a mold to produce high quality products.

2. Inspection of main parts of die after the acceptance of plastic parts, mold size basic confirmed correctly or not, mould dimensional tolerance of other aspects need further examination.

3. The status of the main structure Ensure the moving parts of the mould structure, mould set piece, inserts, sliders, and movement of the normal work of the wearing parts, etc.

4. Mold material processing in the mold design, the user can put forward special requirements of die materials, die standard parts heat treatment can be conducted in accordance with national standards.

5. Wearing parts and spare parts Each mold has its vulnerable parts, thus in the mold factory, equipped with spare parts. Some non-standard ask mold factory produce two at the same time, the change for factory
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