Interior and exterior the car accessories use plastic type

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Interior and exterior the car accessories use plastic type

General plastic on one car weight approximately 10% per cent of total vehicle weight. Which amount is the largest automotive polymer materials PP, representing about plastics for automobile by about 20% of the total. Plastics in the automotive industry occupies a pivotal position. The following are typical cases of application of plastics in the automotive industry:

Main varieties are for automotive plastics: PP, PU, styrene class (ABS,PS,SAN,SMA), PVC, PE etc. Polypropylene PP Max, very wide range of applications, representing about plastics for automobile by about 20% of the total. Its mainly because of lower production costs, while providing good processing properties.

For door assemblies, column cover, cockpit module threshold bumper moulding strip side guard, PP in a large number of applications in the automotive interior and exterior decoration, such as cockpit module, gate guard, bumper, and so on. Styrene-butadiene-acrylonitrile or ABS: application is more extensive, frequently used is ABS and its alloys, such as PC/ABS, and PVC/ABS.

Inside and outside the ABS in cars decorated with a wide range of applications, such as dashboards, barrier, lighting systems, wheel covers, door handles and other PC/ABS is often used as its alloy plating. Pu PU: polyurethane foams in car soft decoration has a irreplaceable status in plastic products, such as soft decoration dashboard, seats, door systems.

Application of polyurethane in automobile decorations interior and exterior: soft foam: semi-rigid foam cushion, backrest: dashboards, handrails, head of hard foam: roof lining elastic RIM: bumper. Polyamide (nylon) PA: polyamide types there are many, often used in automobiles are PA6 and PA66. For example, wheel covers, bumpers, intake manifold, pedal type, rear-view mirror.

And so on. Polycarbonate PC: Polycarbonate with excellent performance, high transparent, so is widely used in vehicle lighting systems.
Polycarbonate alloy, such as PC/ABS, PC/PBT inside and outside the vehicle bumpers made of ornaments is often used in PC/PBT often used in the premium-car.

These plastic types, we are a skilled application experience. But also all kinds of special plastics, PPT,PEI,PEEK,POM, and so on.

At the same time in medical devices, plastic products for life, and defense industry are involved.

If you encounter problems at any auto parts technology, applications or special plastic, see or
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