Well Water Testing and Well Water Test Kits – Part Two

Posted October 11, 2019 by cleanairpurewater

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If your water source is well water, then you must test your water to learn what's in it before purchasing any well water treatment system. I provide a variety of well water testing kits. The benefit of buying a water test from me is that I will interpret the results for you. You can then purchase equipment from me or from someone else, but you'll know what well water purification system or well water filter to purchase. If you don't test first, you're just guessing.
You can also test your water using one of my drinking water test kits if you have a public source but it's really not necessary.
I offer two standard water testing kits and can provide you with custom well water tests upon request. You do not need all of the tests I offer below. To learn what I recommend, call me. We'll discuss what is wrong with your well water and I will sell you the well water test or well water test kits that address the issues with your well water.
I collaborate with National Testing Labs to provide you with the following:
Watercheck well water test kit - the Watercheck includes a 83 item test for: presence or absence of 2 bacteria (coliform and E. coli), 19 heavy metals and minerals, 6 inorganic chemicals, 5 physical characteristics, 4 trihalomethanes, and 47 volatile organic chemicals. The cost is $185.00
Watercheck with Pesticides well water test kit- this test adds 20 additional pesticides, herbicides, and PCBs to the Watercheck test above. The cost is $225. This water testing kit is the very best available for home water testing or drinking water test kits.
Add Glyphosphate (aka Roundup): $290.
Note: With either Watercheck test there will be an additional cost (which varies due to your location) to return the samples to the lab by Fed Ex overnight. This allows the bacteria tests to be valid.
Iron or Color Problems - I recommend adding two parameters to either Watercheck if one of your concerns includes iron or rust in your water. These include dissolved iron and tannin. These will provide us a more thorough understanding of the extent of iron to be treated and the necessary methodology. The cost is $150.
Radon - a water testing kit for radon is available for $50.
Home water testing kits for bacteria other than Coliform and e. Coli is $420.
Microbiological water test - for bacteria, yeast, and mold is $510.
Parasite water test - 18 parasites including giardia and cryptosporidium is $650.
Semi-Volatile Organics - 81 Semi Volatile Organic Compounds including phenols, hyrdrocarbons, and pthalates: $390.
You call me to order any test and/or to discuss what test you need.
Other Well Water Tests:
Custom Water Tests - I can provide custom tests for lead, pH and iron, radon, beryllium, gross alpha & beta emitters and even pharmaceuticals and hormones. Or I can provide a baseline test for fracking compounds. If you have a particular need, call to discuss it.
Hydrogen Sulfide - People with strong rotten egg odors must first determine the level of the odor using this test in order to determine which treatment will work. Hydrogen sulfide has now been determined by EPA to be dangerous to your health. These tests are conducted using a water test on site. Cost is $35.
For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at home water filtration systems, best water filter, whole house water filter, water filtration system, whole house water filters
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