A Laminate Floor Repair Service Can Improve your Chicago Home

Posted March 27, 2017 by classicfloorschicago

A laminate floor is not invincible and you may need some repair service in the future. Whether you live in Chicago, Atlanta, or San Diego repairs can become necessary for a variety of reasons.

The most simple repairs can generally be fixed by the homeowner who has a few carpenter skills. More advanced work needs the help of professionals. Difficult problems can include:
 Buckling (Warping)
 Gaps between boards
 Mold and mildew
Buckling or warping is usually caused by water damage or moisture. The boards raise up or sink down in places that are noticeable. Water is an enemy of most woods in general. It can come in the form of consistent high humidity. Too much water on the floor’s surface can be an issue. Subfloor wetness and improper moisture barriers is bad news. Another issue is inferior wood products that can come apart.

Gaps between boards are not major issues with laminate floors, although it can occur. The best cure is an ounce of prevention before laying. Spread the boards out in the rooms for several days to acclimate to the temperature and humidity. Gapping can occur when it gets too cold in rooms. Keep the temp between 60 and 80 degrees.

Mold and mildew is most prevalent is humid areas of the country. It is less of a problem in the southwest and west, although leaking pipes can cause this problem. Companies are making great strides in creating more waterproof flooring materials. Excess moisture is behind both of these problems and it must be eliminated and the area dried before repair or replacement. If allowed to continue household residents and pets can develop health issues. All of these floor issues can be repaired by competent laminate floor technicians in the Chicago area.

Other Laminate Floor Repair Issues Exist in Chicago Homes

Laminate floor repair issues beside buckling, gaps, and moisture problems exist in Chicago homes. Joint peaking is another potential problem that is unsightly. It means the boards push against each other strongly enough to make high points at the joints. Why does this happen? A major reason is the floor boards are too tight against the walls or moldings and do not allow for expansion. Leave about ¼” gaps at each wall when installing to prevent this problem. Peaking can also be cause by nailing the baseboards or floor molding directly to the floor or subfloor. The boards cannot expand a normal amount and you have an issue. A minor reason for peaking is the floor runs too long in one direction.

Two other issues you may run into are chipped corners and uneven board patterns (off register). Improper installation and cleaning of laminate floors can result in marks, chipping, and indentations. Just be careful and this should not be an issue. It is rare that patterns on boards do not match, but it can happen. Some older materials may be mixed in with new and the widths may differ enough to be notable. When butted together the problem is readily seen.

Laminate floors can be the elegant center piece of rooms. Some match the visual effect of real hardwood so well some people can’t tell the difference. Take care of them properly and you will enjoy them for many years. Careful selection and installation of laminate floor products can reduce or eliminate these repair issues in your Chicago home.

Laminate Floor Repair and Restoration Experts in Chicago

If any of these laminate floor or restoration issues need attention in your Chicago home you can feel confident that ClassicFloorsChicago will come to your rescue. Not only do their craftsmen perform the highest quality work, it comes with a warranty and follow up services.

This company is the service of choice for a number of reasons:
 Leading repair and restoration service in the area
 Craftsmen are courteous and reliable
 Prices on all floor projects are very competitive
 Tools and equipment are state of the art
 Sanding dust is well contained
 Installation and refinishing experts
 Work area will be clean when finished
It just doesn’t get any better. Chicago residents can look to this laminate floor repair and restoration company for all of their needs.
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