How Teeth Whitening Malvern Improvises the Color of Teeth

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Experienced dentists of teeth whitening Malvern get that dream teeth. It takes at least forty five minutes for one session of whitening.

A beautiful smile always has bright teeth. The color of the smile is white. If there are stains or discolored teeth then the smile does not look attractive. Everyone likes to have those white and attractive set of teeth. The people have different shades of teeth color. Some are bright white and some are yellowish. This yellow may be due to aging or food habits. Tobacco chewing or smoking, drinking coffee or tea, cocoa cola and pigmented foods are the main reasons for the color change. There may be deposits of plaque or tarter on the teeth which may damage the surface of the teeth. Too much fluoride content in the water also gives a dull look. Some antibiotic medication or earlier trauma also may be the cause. People go for teeth whitening Malvern for getting more clean teeth.

Importance of teeth whitening
Whitening of teeth is required for getting that beautiful smile. This good smile increases the self-esteem and confidence of the person. For some events like marriage or interview, it would be perfect with white teeth. Some people go for getting a good first impression. The scars, stains and color can be changed by the whitening process. This process cannot last for a lifetime but it can be retained for at least a year. Following proper food habits and maintaining oral hygiene gives more life for whitening.

Dentist’s responsibility
The dentist takes the case history of the patient and knows the history of the coloring of the teeth. He checks the teeth and finds out if the teeth are suitable for whitening. This process can be done at home or in the clinic. There are as many as ten shades available in the market. The dentist takes 45 minutes for the treatment. The home kit has a concentrated whitener which is easier for use.

The dentist finds out the strength of the teeth to know if the teeth whitening Malvern process is suitable for the patient. He prepares the mouth for the treatment by covering the bums and lips. Only the teeth are visible which is rubbed with whitening gel. Teeth are given a special light treatment which helps the gel to penetrate into. This treatment is given for more than three times. The on-chair treatment takes only 45 minutes.

Some teeth become more sensitive after the treatment. To reduce the sensitivity it would be advised to use the sensitivity toothpaste, this reduces the pain and sensitivity. Chewing gum increases the saliva and also distracts the people from the pain. If pain continues it would be better to discontinue using the whitening agents. Yellow color teeth can be treated well with the bleach. Brown teeth do not respond much to the bleach and purple or grey colored teeth do not react to the whitener at all. The purple or grey stains are mostly due to the medications which need a lot of sittings to get lightened.

Other procedures
Other than whitening some stubborn stains can be treated by veneers, crowns or bonding. The dentist is the best person to decide which is best suited to the patient. There would be a checkup after some days after whitening. If everything is proper then the patient has to look after the teeth with care. The patient has to be cautious about the food he is consuming. Some foods may cause stains. Beverages can be consumed using a straw rather than touching the teeth. Brush the teeth with mild toothpaste after consuming stain-causing food.

Teeth whitening Malvern dentists know the best whiteners to be used for the patient. They use bleaches which do not have side effects. After whitening, it would be more appropriate to maintain the teeth.

After teeth whitening Malvern it would be advisable for maintenance of it. Citra Dental Group gives the best whitening treatment for patients. Get more details @
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