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Posted March 31, 2017 by cinchtranslation

The main reason why you may need a divorce certificate is so that you can prove your current marital status.

You may think that when you have been through a divorce there is nothing more to think about except getting on with life. It may not necessarily be as simple as that. The first thing you must do is make sure you have a divorce certificate safely put aside.

The reasons why you need a divorce certificate

The main reason why you may need a divorce certificate is so that you can prove your current marital status. This could be important if you intend to remarry as you will have to show evidence that you have been divorced. A second reason is related to any inheritance you may receive if you are left money in a will. If you have been divorced you won’t be required to share any inheritance with your estranged partner if you have the divorce certificate to prove your divorce.

There may be some things you and your ex-marriage partner shared. This could include ownership of real-estate or other less fixed property like cars or boats. You will no longer have joint access if you are now divorced so you may have to sort out the ownership of these shared assets through a lawyer in order to get an equal share. If you have moved out of a family home and utilities were in your name, a divorce certificate will prove your broken connection with this property.

What about a divorce certificate translation?

A divorce certificate translation may be as important as the divorce certificate itself if you find yourself moving to another country that doesn’t speak your native language. You may need a divorce certificate as it proves your marital status. However, when it comes to immigrating to another country you may need a certified divorce certificate translation as the certificate in your own language will not be accepted. This is typically the case in the United States of America where the United States Immigration and Citizenship Service (U.S.C.I.S.) is very strict on how immigrants present their official documents.

Even if you are fluent in both English and your native tongue you are not permitted to do your own divorce certificate translation. You will have to find a competent translator who has the experience to certify translations. Once you have vetted a few potential translators and have found one that is sufficiently competent in your language and the target language, the translation can proceed.

The process for a divorce certificate translation

Once the translator receives your divorce certificate he or she will do a word for word translation. Every word must be translated and placed in exactly the same position as the original word on the certificate. This includes any watermarks or seals that may be embedded in the paper. Your translator may resort to using translation memory software or even a glossary bank to ensure the right words have been used. Once completed a signed certificate will be attached which will say it’s an accurate translation of the original document. You can now send this with any other documents to the U.S.C.I.S.

If you are looking for a translator with an enviable reputation for accurate translations in more than 90 languages, try Cinch Translations who will be able to find a divorce certificate translator for you.


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