Bullying - a force or aggressive behavior to abuse or hurt an individual.

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These are possible solutions against bullying. People should apply to progressive methods to prevent bullying and its consequences, for example, creating a big community like anti-bullying community.

Bullying is a force or aggressive behavior to abuse or hurt an individual. It can be habitual in a group of people against some particular person. Bullying can consist of threats, physical assaults or any kind of harassment targeted towards particular victims, perhaps on grounds of gender, religion, race, appearance, sexuality, ability, behavior or class.
Bullying behavior can develop in different conditions, when people interact with each other. It can take place in school, college, workplace, hostel, and even at home, which can cause life-long depression. It can create negative psychological effects to the victim for the whole life. As a result, a victim can suffer from mental disorder, fear of others, and inferiority complex.
Sometimes students are bullied by teachers, which create rather negative impression in students’ mind. For example on March 3rd, 2013, a student in Japan chose self-destruction after he was repeatedly bullied by his basketball coach.
Bullying can take place in many different forms, such as verbal, physical, social, extortion, cyber bullying etc.
In a group or community an individual can be named in a funny way cause of his physic nature or look, which is called verbal bullying.
In school or in social organization, one individual can be tortured physically cause of his/her race, personality or nature, which is called physical bullying.
Sometimes individuals separate from some event or parties cause of his/her believes, religion or race, such kind of activities are categorized in social bullying.
Weak individuals can be treated rudely, and their money, personal things, toys, etc. are being stolen by some other group of people, which is a kind of bully too, which is considered as extortion.
Nowadays, new methods of bullying activities are getting popular between young generations, which are performed by using mobile, the Internet, communication appliances, such kind of harassment is called cyber bullying.
Research shows that it is possible to solve the problem of bullying by introducing some serious prevention steps in the society.
Schools should take special attention to matters of bullying, which is the best way to prevent bullying. Schools should set up programs to educate students how bullying harms an individual in his life from childhood. Teachers should spend some extra time with students to know them well. They should create a safe environment for students to discuss problems that they may have with other students. School administrations can set a policy related to bullying, for instance, counseling for a bully, and a victim should get justice by taking some disciplinary action. Administrations should teach teachers first how to deal with bullying in the classroom effectively and interact with students one-on-one. Teachers should organize events and meetings, where they can discuss with parents about their childrens’ problems in the class room. They should conduct special meetings with parents of bullies and victims so that parents can pay attention to their childrens’ day-to-day behavior with others. School administrations should monitor areas of school by special equipments where students have less supervision to prevent bullies. Encouragement of students to report quickly for any incident which takes place in the schoolyard or outside, whether they are victims or witnesses, is another important issue to prevent bullying. Teachers should make students’ welfare association with some common leader, who can take care of fellow students in the absence of a teacher.
Sometimes weak or backward students be in the center of attention for the whole class and teachers. Teachers try to interrogate such students instead of knowing the reason of such behavior, which create negative psychological situation in students’ mind. That is why teachers should be more careful with weak students, and they should help such students to overcome their problems. Such methods of school bullying prevention are the best solutions, which can prevent students from bullying. The problem should be analyzed on the initial stage of its development with an aim to prevent it.
Other possible solutions
Parental solutions
Parents should take care of their childrens’ behavior. Mostly children try to follow their parents’ nature and behavior. Therefore, they should be careful with their attitude towards others, especially when they are communicating in front of their children. Also, they should be careful about their childrens’ behavior at school. If teachers inform about their childrens’ misbehavior, parents should take it carefully and need to understand what constitute such behavior. A parent of a bully needs to take step to work with a child to find out the reasons of such behavior and provide professional counseling. Parents can teach their child to manage their anger or feeling of helplessness.
On the other hand, parents of a victim should be careful with their children too. Children can face inferiority complex for some negative psychological situation. They should encourage children what they can do their best by facing challenges with courage instead of avoiding it.
Cyber bullying solution
Cyber bullying is a kind of harassment, humiliation and insult, which is caused by wireless or the Internet related technology, mobile etc. It is an urgent problem though very few parents know about it from their children. Children of young age find themselves harassed via text-messaging, blogs and social sites, where some other group of children post and comment about some individual. A victim of such issue can have a serious depression. Such kind of bullying can take many forms. It can be some social site, where children can vote for most unpopular, ugliest or fattest girl in the school. It can be some personal image or private messages which are sent or posted in the Internet for others to see. Sometimes even teachers are also being insulted by students in social sites by various posts against him/her. This kind of activities in cyber world becomes popular in the whole world, which can even destroy an adult’s future or career.
To get rid of such kind of problems administrators of social sites, telecommunication companies, and parents should be careful with childrens’ activities in the cyber world. For instance, to prevent cyber bullying in social sites, the site administrators should notice the communication between individuals. Social sites should instantly block users who try to bully, harass or abuse others. Mobile operators should provide the same service by introducing reporting facility of any kind of bully. Parents should be careful to their childrens’ cyber communications so that he or she cannot hurt anybody personal life. Finally, city authority and order should pay attention to the problem of cyber bully cases by introducing new laws against such kind of activities.
To create a world free from bullying, people should take care of others. They should remember their roles in the society that are practical action against bullying. People should increase their awareness in the society. When somebody is being bullied in the playground, park or at school, people should try to stop such activities by informing higher authorities or by advising a person not to do so.
In case of kids, the first step is to teach them respond forcefully if they are bullying to others so that they will never repeat it in the future. Secondly, if kids are being bullied by someone, people should teach them protective skills, for instance, advice to walk away from any kind of annoying situation confidently without taking it emotionally. People should teach them to be brave so that they can report adults or teachers about their problems (Zande n.pg).
These are possible solutions against bullying. People should apply to progressive methods to prevent bullying and its consequences, for example, creating a big community like anti-bullying community. These days, government organizations and mass-media also support social welfare organizations like anti-bullying organization by supporting financially or making it more popular by telecasting welfare activities all over the world. Thus, people can create a society free from bullying.
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