Jimei Has Accumulated A Good Reputation In Juice Processing Plant

Posted February 20, 2019 by chirtyjimei

A film supply motor is mounted on the mechanism frame, and a pendulum type storage membrane mechanism is installed on the upper part of the film supply mechanism frame.

The main drive of the automatic juice production line of Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts gear transmission and open type combined transmission, which has high efficiency, low noise, long service life, convenient maintenance and sufficient lubrication. The inverter is used to control the main motor speed of the machine. The automatic filling machine adopts stepless frequency conversion speed regulation. The guiding bottle system has a simple structure and can be quickly and easily changed according to the bottle type. The fully automatic juice production line is transported by a card bottleneck structure. When the front cover enters the slideway, it can smoothly enter the feed tray. To prevent accidents, an anti-reverse cover dial is placed on the slide rail to ensure that the cover that enters the feed tray is correct, and a pair is also arranged on the slide rail. The photoelectric switch stops the main unit immediately when it detects that there is no cover. We are a manufacturer specializing in the design of production lines for Juice Processing Plant and providing professional equipment, which has accumulated a good reputation in the market.

Check whether the various components of the automatic filling machine are abnormal or loose, the lubrication condition of the gears and conveyor belts, and whether the working power supply has leakage. This will extend the life of the filling machine. First of all, cut off the power supply and stop running to avoid more serious damage to the filling machine. Do not use water for cleaning, but use a special cleaning agent to clean it.

This is because, due to the acid and alkali corrosion of the filling opportunity during the filling process, the filling port is easy to rust, the cleaning agent can effectively remove the rust, the cleaning agent is evenly applied on the surface of the filling machine, and then the wet cloth is slow. Slowly wipe and clean the filling machine body in the automatic juice production line. The sponge is then used to blot the liquid from the surface of the filling machine. A filling pipe is installed in the center of the main frame, the filling pipe is connected with the quantitative feeding device, the film supply mechanism frame is suspended on the main frame, and the film roll is installed in the lower part of the film supply mechanism, and the film is supplied from the upper part of the film roll. A film supply motor is mounted on the mechanism frame, and a pendulum type storage membrane mechanism is installed on the upper part of the film supply mechanism frame.

The types of commonly used equipment for fruit juice juice production lines are still quite rich, because different juice production processes require different juice production line equipment, so some common equipment is necessary, and it is also the main production equipment of Juice Production Line manufacturers. Let's take a look at these devices. Water treatment equipment: Clean water is the primary guarantee for the quality of juice, so water treatment equipment is the most common equipment. It has many classifications, one is water filtration equipment, the other is water softening equipment, and the third is water disinfection equipment. .

Sterilization equipment: mainly includes three kinds of sterilization equipment for fluid juice. Sterilization equipment for canned juice. Physical sterilization equipment using electromagnetic waves. Fully automatic bottle washing machine: there are spray bottle washer, immersion bottle washer and soaking and brush washing machine. Filling machine: mainly according to different pressures, isobaric filling machine is often used in the filling of soda, small champagne and beer; if juice, milk juice, and syrup in secondary filling of soda, they It does not contain carbon dioxide itself, generally uses atmospheric pressure filling machine; negative pressure filling machine is mainly used for liquid filling without gas, if juice.
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