Here's Why Everyone Needs a Pair of Cowboy Boots For Womens

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From fashion to function, Cowboy Boots For Womens are an essential part of any country lover's outfit. See why you should invest in a pair too.

Have you always dreamed of the coolness of strolling in a place like the Lone Ranger? An essential element of the mood is the Cowboy Boots For Womens.

They are more than just a boot - they are a shoe that shows their rich history with every step.

Keep reading to find out why you should invest in your own pair.

Little story of Cowboy Boots For Womens

You've seen them in all the old Western movies - but what is the story of the Cowboy Boots For Womens? It's more than an aesthetic choice. In their original use, boots were a functional option for working cowboys.

Origin of the cowboy boot

No one can say who made the first pair, but as far as American cowboys are concerned, they certainly know why.

In time, farm workers, now known as cowboys, needed affordable and practical boots that they could wear while working.

The original Cowboy Boots For Womens have served this purpose. They allowed men to move easily from riding to walking and back with the same comfort and support in both cases.

There were work boots, but there were also boots for work and fancy shoes for the most enjoyable occasions.

The color we now see in Cowboy Boots For Womens appeared in the '30s and' 40s, while the popular Western Hollywood films shaped the national image of a cowboy.

The functional side of the boot

The movies prove the point - nothing tells you more about the cowboy you look at, than the boots on his feet. Specifically, small details like heel height and toe shape.

We mentioned that they were riding boots. A two-inch heel with a steep forward step - or rather, where the heel is tilted forward from top to bottom - is what is known as a riding heel.

The purpose of these heels was to prevent the runner's foot from slipping too far into the stirrup. The lower heels, for their part, form a walking heel.

Then there is the toe, which concerns more style than anything. Some argued that the shape of the toes contributed to the conduct, but there is little practical evidence to support this.

Why are Cowboy Boots For Womens so popular?

At a time when cowboys were a feature of the West, these boots were not made to walk. They served the practical purpose of allowing men to ride comfortably in the west saddle for an extended period without slipping.

There was the fashion of urban cowboys of the 80s, as well as the growing popularity of country music, the boots serve a fashion rather than practical purpose.

You can not deny: when a guy or gal arrives wearing a nice pair of Cowboy Boots For Womens, they make a lasting impression.

Adjustment Tips

Let's be real. Cowboy Boots For Womens are not cheap.

So, when you go shopping in town for your first pair, you want to make sure that the ones you buy in the end are the ones who are doing well and take the first steps towards a long, happy relationship.

Of course, installing these boots is an art. Here are some things to keep in mind.

The ball of the foot

There is an art to find the right solution for a cowboy boot, and this may require some DIY. You should be able to comfortably support your weight on both feet in a pair of tight fitting Cowboy Boots For Womens.

To begin, find the widest part of your foot. Usually, it will be the ball of your foot.

As this is the widest part of your foot, it should also be in the widest part of the shoe. Makes sense, no?


Remember earlier when we mentioned the width? This applies here.

You have to buy a boot with the right width. The easiest way to know if you are in the ball stadium is to get up and look directly at your feet. You should have a slightly fitted shoe but still be able to see the seam on the outsoles.

Otherwise, this startup is not wide enough. Size at the top

Slippery heel

Really talk about boots: it is common that your heel slips a little in this type of boot.

This is common with a new pair of Cowboy Boots For Womens because the outsole has not been run in yet. A quarter of an inch to a half inch is fine. With enough wear (or rather once the outsole has been flexed several times), your heel will stop slipping into the shoe.

The adjustment guide for buying your boots online

Now, if you buy your first pair of boots online, you can not go to your neighborhood boot store and size them.

So, here are some things to keep in mind to make sure you order boots that fit your feet. For our complete sizing guide, click here.

Size your boots at

First, do not do it, repeat DO NOT evaluate your boot size according to your size. And do not try to guess based on another boot manufacturer.

That's not going to fly, partner. We correctly size 98% of our customers, so trust us.

The best way to size your boots is to measure your foot. You will need to measure the length and width.

How to measure the size and width of your foot

You will need a piece of paper, a regular wood pencil (do not use a mechanical pencil or pen) and the type of socks you will probably wear with your boots.

This is what you do

Stand with your foot on the sheet of paper. Trace your foot by holding your pencil perpendicular at all times. Measure the contour and subtract 0.02 from each measurement to get a more accurate number. Measure the length and width.

Then go to the US Men size chart. Look for the boot length graph and the boot width graph. Find the nearest measurement on both lines. This will tell you what boot size to look for.

You should also note for us if your kick is high, medium or low. If you do not know it, you are probably average.

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Ready for your boots, Lone Ranger?

We offer a wide range of Cowboy Boots For Womens for western lovers. Finally, you can get exactly what you want from color and skin to toes and heel choices. BUY online today at

And if you're new to the world of Western boots, our blog features articles on how to take care of your boots (and how to choose the right ones for your style). Check out our 4-point checklist for choosing alligator boots, or our article on why cleaning products are your friend.

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