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Keeping track of your cash balance is always a good thing; looking at what you're spending on, where you waste wasteful money and where you can start saving money.


Keeping track of your cash balance is always a good thing; looking at what you're spending on, where you waste wasteful money and where you can start saving money. Although there is a common desire to start saving judiciously, when it comes to maintaining a budget or managing spending, not everybody has discipline. There are lots of different applications out there to help you handle your budget, and we've found the best software in this guide to help you better manage your finances.

To do so, we looked at a variety of different parameters :
Ease of use-A simple user interface that can be uncomplicatedly navigated. We also looked for ease of operation and where the displayed data and graphics were understandable.
The authenticity of the app-Because budgeting apps provide a ton of knowledge regarding your finances and coordination of your bank account data in some cases, the validity of the software was key. Also used to determine authenticity were the rankings of app stores and user reviews.
Cross-Platform Compatibility & Data Synchronization-We found the applications that could synchronise your data that were available on both iOS and Android platforms.
Our top choice is based on what we liked the most, and other users' tastes may be a little different, but in the list below, we have also listed our runners-up and their strengths to help you find the best app for you.
The Khatabook software is one of those mobile apps. It allows owners of small businesses to handle their accounting books online. Well, the Khatabook app is called the manual accounting or ledger book that is now available on mobiles digitally.
The app will help you store the account information of all customers and will document every entry.
Every customer’s records are kept separately along with the payment due date.
You can download account statements regularly as a PDF report that can be used for tax filing purposes.
It will send reminders via SMS or Whatsapp to the customer preventing any embarrassment by demanding pending payment face to face.
Customers therefore still keep records of their purchases. It is available in 11 regional languages that boost revenue, even for consumers who do not have adequate training to understand technology.
There are over 450 million mobile users and it is a must for all small companies to remain ahead of the market. You can demonstrate your expertise to your customers by using this tool.
Maintaining inventory is made simpler when the app displays the latest state of consumer purchases.
Simply build your business card using the app and share it with your clients. No separate branding is needed if the app is free to do so.
The alternative filter would display the customer’s transaction data based on accounts receivable, payable or settled. It can also be sorted as the most recent/oldest, highest/lowest, or by name.
Last but not least, this software helps customers to make purchases with any BHIM UPI app.

OKCredit, which provides small traders a mobile app to keep track of their everyday purchases and sales, is headquartered in Bengaluru. OkCredit eliminates the pressure on the merchant to hold and pay for books on paper accounts by transcribing. The company, founded in November 2017, aims to provide customers with access to the merchant's record on request.
In the case of delayed or missed orders, it also allows them to send collection reminders to customers.
If a dealer reports a transaction against a buyer on the website to resolve the issue of trust, they are immediately alerted by text or WhatsApp.
A small retailer's ledger also includes information of credit transactions or goods sold on credit to a merchant's daily customer who settles monthly or bi-monthly accounts.
The payment process, though, is painstaking and if the transaction is not recorded with the right time and date stamps, the merchant could end up losing money.
This is also where OKCredit steps along to fix the issue of convergence of SMS and WhatsApp. Any one
Jaipur, Patna, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Pune Top Markets. Downloads: 10,000,000+ Ratings: 4.6 Rating: As per Playstore on Google
Vyapar is a FREE Business Accounting App built to deal with billing, procurement, accounting standards, and more for Indian small businesses! The intention is to make the everyday life of a businessman less tiring and let them focus more on business progress, less on paperwork. If small things go wrong, the entire company goes down, simply because there's no way to fall out. The owner of the business can be worn out by not having the money, pushing them away from doing what matters most. A digital upgrade includes Small Business Accounting.
Become GST compliant.
Manage both parties in one position and market the organization reasonably easily.
See how a corporation runs quickly.
Create custom invoices, print/share.
Set up "Auto Backup" and secure the accounting records of your business against accidental loss of data.
Track and control the item's individual units by their expiry dates, no batch to pick the best ones for the next auction.
Set up reminders for automated invoices.
Doing offline business accounting without the internet.
Top markets: Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Kolkata. Downloads: 1,000,000+ Classifications: 4.7. As Per Play Store on Google
4.ETmoney - ET stands for economic times and one of the top-ranked personal finance apps in the nation is ETMoney.
It does way more than any other daily cost manager software, and can turn out to be the only app you need to cover all the needs for budget tracking.
The app sorts out the monthly spending into various groups such as Eating, Shopping, ATM Withdrawals, Travel, Recreation, and so on.
In that grouping, clicking one of the categories will give you a more detailed rundown of spending. In the form of tables, you'll even get weekly cost forecasts.
There is a section called 'Learn More' that provides still more detail, such as your daily weekday and weekend expenses, including top
There is a section called 'Learn More' that provides much more detail, such as your daily weekday and weekend expenses, including top categories, accounts, and merchants.
It also seems that this program is an exemplary guide to mutual funds. You can have all the investing analysis at your fingertips, including fund returns, market trends, etc., and you can even personally invest in funds through this app.
Top markets: Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Kolkata.Classification: 4.8 Downloads: 10,000,000+Insellers
It is a cakewalk to start a new venture, but it is a challenge to start up and stay in business. The explanation for this is competitiveness, balancing budgets, keeping pace with innovations, satisfying clients, etc. If they are unable to increase their earnings, small business owners may still feel frustrated. So, you should pick from the list above to handle your finances. These are some of the highly-rated applications on Google Play Store that you should consider and find more. Stories visit insellers for more of such data and business.
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