Change the Color of Your Eyes with Laser Technique

Posted September 20, 2019 by Brightocular

Most of the questions arise in the mind of people like- is it possible to change the color of your eyes, will it be permanent or temporary, is it safe to undergo surgery for eye color change.

Yes it is possible to change the color of your eyes permanently. Eyes color can be changed permanently with two of techniques- iris implant surgery and low energy laser surgery.

Iris implant surgery was first developed by doctors to repair or replace iris or other medical conditions. Later on, this technique was also used for cosmetic reasons to change their eye color by the people. People undergo this surgery to change their eye color permanently. In iris implant surgery, an artificial iris is inserted on the top of the iris by making a small cut on the cornea through surgical ornaments by the doctors. Then this iris is folded to fit in the slit. An artificial iris is a thin, non toxic and flexible prosthesis, and is made up of biocompatible materials that are safe enough to use in the eyes. The surgery is associated with many risks from which some of them are-

o Eye inflammation
o Injury to the cornea
o Glaucoma
o Cataracts
o Swelling of the cornea
o Partial Vision loss or blindness

If you went through eye surgery and later on feels that the color of one or both eye is changing suddenly or significantly, then you should consult to a doctor.

If you have brown eyes and you wanted it to change the color to blue, this can be done by low laser surgery. In this technique, low energy laser is used to change the eye color. Every brown colored eye person has also blue color under the eye. Brown color has more melanin and blue color has less melanin pigment, which decides the eye color. By laser surgery, this thin layered pigment is removed from the upper layer of the strauma, and blue color eye can be seen.

This surgery is permanent, as you cannot reverse and get your original color back, this is a permanent change. If you feel itchiness, swelling or any eye problem after the surgery, you should immediately visit your doctor. Surgical trials are going on for the safety issues of using permanent eye color changing techniques with no side effects.

It is suggested, if you want to change your eye color permanently, then go for low laser surgery as it has less complications regarding eyes problem, from iris implant surgery. However, temporary contact lenses to change of eye color can also be considered and a good idea, which does not require any surgical treatments if used with care and safety.

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