Author Asher Elkayam Promotes His Book – Jewish Wisdom, a Modern Look

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Author Asher Elkayam is pleased to announce the promotion of his book, Jewish Wisdom, a Modern Look.

Author Asher Elkayam Promotes His Book – Jewish Wisdom, a Modern Look

Author Asher Elkayam is pleased to announce the promotion of his book, Jewish Wisdom, a Modern Look.

Jewish Wisdom, a Modern Look is about the survival of the Jewish heritage. While other civilizations vanished through history, the Hebrew culture and heritage persisted through the ages.

Since the giving of the written and oral Torah in Mount Sinai to Moses (estimated time 1313 BCE), the Jewish law has been observed while being debated by the spiritual leaders of the time.

The study and analysis of the Torah of Moses developed and took the name of Talmud. Talmud includes Mishnah and Gemarah. Mishnah means “study of.” and Gemarah means "completion of".

Because the Jews were exiled to Babylonia after the destruction of the first temple in 586 BCE, the Babylonian Talmud flourished in Babylonia while the Jerusalem Talmud developed in the Holy Land. .

This book summarizes the wise ideas and laws found within the Talmud, discussed by hundreds of sages between the second century BCE and 300 CE.

The result of 2,500 years of continuous oral study is the priceless Mishnah, which was finally compiled, redacted, and written in a scroll under Rabbi Yehudah Hanassi (Judah the Prince) at the end of the second century.

Following the second destruction of the Jerusalem temple (70 CE) and the exile of the Jews by the Romans, many Diaspora luminaries emerged in Spain, France, Egypt and North Africa, thus clarifying the Torah and the Talmud. Dozens more luminaries are cited in this project, which culminates in the masterpiece of Pirkey Avot, an ethical guide for everyone.

Israeli bestseller Dr. Adam Ackerman praises “Jewish Wisdom, a Modern Look”:
“For the past two decades, I have been following the works of Asher Elkayam and very much appreciate his originality in clarifying complex issues in the spheres of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam... [into] logical conclusions which give the reader cause to think. I recommend taking a serious look at his enriching books....”

Jewish Wisdom, a Modern Look is available for purchase in print and ebook formats.

Book Details:
Jewish Wisdom, a Modern Look
7000 Years of Continuous Evolution
By Asher Elkayam
Publisher: Xlibris
ISBN: 978-1984538284 (pb)
ISBN: 978-1984538291 (hc)
ISBN: 978-1984538277 (ebook)
Pages: 360
Genre: Educational, Old and New Wisdom, History

About the Author:
A former student of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Alliance High School in Haifa, Israel, Asher Elkayam studied Hebrew morphology, the Bible and Talmud. He is the author of “The Bible, The Power of the Word,” “The Qur’an and Biblical Origins” and “Love and Romance in the Bible.” He studied comparative religions and previously wrote two books on the subject, “Whose God is it Anyway” and “Jesus Returns and Faces Moses.” Elkayam is a multilingual and multidisciplinary scholar. Besides his Hebrew, Bible and Talmud knowledge, Elkayam is also a French and Hebrew teacher, a graduate of the Political Science Institute of Strasbourg, France, and a graduate of Towson University in education. He is also a graduate of the American Council of Audioprosthology. Readers can follow Elkayam at and

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