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Get the best Native American Breastplate Online from Bone Chokers Southwest Designs.

These elegant looking breastplates were once worn as armor and for protection from battle and hunting. Many people who believe that by wearing one made a specific partition a spiritual advantage was obtained during hunting and battles. Grab the best offer on the Native American Breastplate Online.

Handcrafted with perfection:
These plates are handcrafted from long bone beads which are strung on a strong cord with spacer beads and leather between them. They also provide spiritual protection to the men who were then given them a sense of strength and security on the battlefield for their tribes.

Attractive decorations:
The decoration on each particular breastplate was deeply meaningful to its owner and often included feathers, quills, handmade beads, and mirrors.

Made of auspicious materials:

The bones that make up the majority of breastplates but are additionally made from the bones of buffalo that were really difficult to obtain and thus, were symbols of capability.

Breastplates depicting achievements:
These breastplates acted as the stars given to the military people on their achievements.
There were instances where the wealth and strength of warriors could be determined by the number of hair pipe bones that made a breastplate, as well as the particular item, is adorned with.

Medicinal Qualities:
Although wearing these breastplates did not provide safety against arrows and bullets, they were used for their decorative or medicinal qualities.
Apart from the purpose of protection, they are even now the trending fashion for Native Americans.

Protection against weather:
In months of chilly winter and in colder climates these breastplates bone acted as a shield of protection. The material used in the handcrafting of breastplates dates back to pre-Columbian days for various types of Native American dresses.

Made to allure:
These are strong upon waxed stranded nylon, which has a model food security for deer legs sinews. The nylon resist sagging better than the traditional and the way they were hung between rawhide or heavy tan leather places along with the glass and metal decorative “pony” sized beats.

Birds legs are perfect components:
The Native American Bone Chokers were originally made out of bird legs. Very rarely used as just ornamentation as their actual purpose of use was physical protection for the throat from possible knife attacks.
The bones of deer and buffalo were used for making this. The animals were not typically killed for this but the people used the bones of naturally dyed animals or death caused because of predators. The bones of the animals were considered as a sign of good luck.

Protection of tribal warriors:
Historically, Native American Chokers function as a form of protection for tribal warriors, guarding the jugglers and reflecting arrows on the neck in the battle. There were instances where the chokers were directly attached to the breastplates to provide a complete safeguard against any kinds of attacks.
The chokers were meant to protect the voice and provide great speaking abilities to the wearer which guided the warrior to speak the truth directly from the heart.
The Native American Bone Chokers were made not only to protect the warrior physically but spiritually as well. The Bone Chokers used to guide the warriors to speak the truth directly from the heart. Grab the best range of 4 Row Bone Choker Online.

Medicine man:
The spirit of the animal that made the choker was released to be evolved when worn. There were instances when some Native Americans had vision dreams about a specific animal and all the tribe’s medicine man to make the necklace for them. These bone chokers were usually made by the medicine man so that they could use their spiritual power to infuse the piece with protection and powers which gave it special and significant meaning to the individual wearer.
Lastly, Bone Chokers were considered a way to honor life and respect the sacrifices of animals whose remains were used to create it. The Native Americans were kind and modest enough to pay tribute to the animal with the help of which the Bone Chokers and other ornaments were made.

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