Apple 329 transparent phone case is worth it or not?

Posted June 14, 2022 by body404

Apple 329 transparent phone case is worth it or not?

Apple 329 transparent phone case is worth it or not?

Why can Apple's phone sell for $329? Why do people still buy Apple products that are so expensive? Do we really have to buy such expensive Apple accessories?

Apple accessories are expensive for a reason?

Let's answer the first question first. The reasons why Apple phone cases sell so expensive are divided into the following three points.

1. brand premium. Take Starbucks Paris water for example, this bottle of soda is priced at 30 yuan, while Watson's soda sold in convenience stores as long as 4 yuan, and drink the taste and the former basically no difference. In fact, Starbucks sells Parisian water sales are not good, but every store is sold. If a bottle of water without taste can be sold for 30 yuan, then you spend more than 30 yuan to buy a cup of Starbucks coffee is not also more reasonable? Of course, the phone case sold on Apple's website is naturally the same reason.

Apple's official phone cases, although the pricing is high, but the workmanship can really. Xiao Lei himself is also using the official Apple transparent phone case, and now share the actual experience with you. To tell the truth, Apple's transparent phone case compared to a treasure sold a few dollars, or even dozens of dollars of shells or a big difference. Usually, the ordinary transparent phone case will become yellow after a period of time, while the official Apple phone case is only the boot key and volume up and down area some yellowing. Apple official phone case material is very hard, and will be stuck very tight phone, basically will not loose, if the phone accidentally fell on the ground, the phone case can really play a certain protective role. In addition, Xiao Lei's case has been used for more than half a year, it still looks the same as the new, stain resistance is much stronger than ordinary phone cases, but not oil-proof.

3. In line with Apple's consistent product pricing strategy. Apple products have always been sold very expensive, some products exist not for the value of selling money, but more to raise the product forced, it is like you go to a 5-star hotel to order a can of Coke to dozens of dollars, and on top of that add a 15% service charge, while the same Coke in the supermarket or convenience store is just a few dollars. Apple accessories and core products are only a small comparison, the price is set higher is more reasonable.

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