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Posted December 8, 2022 by birdproofingspike

As a sought after tourist destination, Cardiff is aware of how problematic pigeons and other nuisance bird species are in the urban areas and town squares

As a sought after tourist destination, Cardiff is aware of how problematic pigeons and other nuisance bird species are in the urban areas and town squares, nesting in every crevice and causing heaps of guano to land on the ground or spoil the aesthetics of historical buildings

Smart Bird Spike Control is a well-established local installation company, which manages bird control of nuisance birds through the installation of humane deterrents. With well-trained staff and bespoke programmes, this highly acclaimed company successfully reduces the devastation caused by pigeons and seagulls that are busy turning urban areas into nightmares, due to lack of population control of these birds.
Besides causing immense damage to buildings and vehicles, they are also the carriers of deadly diseases, and cause a smelly mess, deterring tourists, which leads to great financial losses for the city.

Cardiff is the capital of Wales and has a population of 360 000, all exposed to nuisance birds daily. Smart Bird Spike Control provides reliable, local, affordable and effective bird and pigeon spike installer services in Cardiff.
The most common nuisance birds causing infestation in the area are feral pigeons, starlings and seagulls. These birds are protected under UK law, but they do spread disease, deface buildings, damage vehicles, encourage insect infestations and cause serious respiratory problems in humans.

According to James Mullen, the Managing Director of Smart Bird Spike Control, “Pigeons are the most common bird species in Cardiff, causing major damage to residential and commercial properties, as well as posing a serious threat to our tourist industry. Visitors step in bird guano, which can be very slippery and is hazardous. The health threat that it poses to humans is also concerning. Therefore, we are trying our utmost to work closely with the councillors to become part of the solution. Our innovative bird control measures have achieved great success and we are grateful for every installation done and the positive results that is achieved immediately, after every installation. If the problem is not addressed, it will grow exponentially. Now is the time to do something proactive about it, to save our city.”

Smart Bird Spike Control in Cardiff installs bird deterrent spikes professionally. These anti-roosting spikes are specifically designed to deter birds from resting and nesting on certain surfaces, including fences, roofs, gutters and windowsills. It consists of a strip with long spikes attached to it. This strip can be attached to various surfaces, preventing birds from landing.

The ban pigeon spikes and larger seagull spikes are very effective and at the same time a humane deterrent to protect areas from infestation of unwanted scavengers.

The spikes are manufactured from a sturdy UV weatherproof polycarbonate to which the stainless steel spikes are attached, and are completely maintenance- and rust-free. These strips are available in single row widths of 50mm and lengths of 320mm.

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Situated in Glasgow, Smart Bird Spike Control is a well-established local company, serving the community and surrounding areas regarding urban bird control and bird waste problems. The team consists of specialist surveyors and technicians with years of experience and a thorough understanding of the Health & Safety and other Legislation surrounding bird and pigeon pest control. Fully licenced to perform humane bird control services, Smart Spike Bird Control operates across the UK. This reputable company is renowned for their innovative methods, effectiveness and professionalism and caters for private and commercial clients, by offering reliable, effective and affordable humane solutions. For more information, please contact
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