BIOCERA, one of the pioneers in using antioxidant water ionizing techniques to provide clean and healthy drinking water.

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This press release has been written for BIOCERA, offering the latest water purification solutions for residential and commercial users.

Biocera, a leading Korean brand in providing world-class solutions to deal with the problems of unhealthy and polluted drinking water supply. Finding pollutant-free water is the most urgent and needy concern of society nowadays due to increased pollution. Biocerais a brand providing services and products, long back since the year 1994. Working through all these years, it has been able to successfully adopt newer technologies and innovations both to provide safe solutions for drinking water and to provide these solutions, not at the cost of degradation of the environment around.

This is one of the main aims of brand Biocera. The environment-friendly product range of Bioceraincludes BioceraBalls which are based in Bioceracrystal growth technology, BioceraA.A Water Jug, BioceraA.H.A Water Bottle, BioceraA.A Stick, BioceraA.A.T Bag, BioceraHydrogen Mist, and various other A.A and A.H.A products. Its wide product range also includes BioceraZero Showerhead, Shower Filter, BioceraIonizer, BioceraA.H.A Water Purifier.

Biocera A.H.A Mineral Water Purifier
Biocera Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline Mineral Water Purifier is the smartest and the most functional product to tackle with the polluted drinking water. This is a type of water purifier that is used after the reverse osmosis system (R.O. System). This simple water filter exchange system is so convenient and comes with such transcend design, such that everyone could enjoy the fresh and hygienic refreshing water every day at just one simple touch. Biocera carbon block in the purifier has got an excellent performance by removing all the organic pollutants and the heavy metallic substances in water. This water purifier from Bioceraworks without electricity; hence no loss of energy of any kind, thus saving the environment in its way. Water passing through the activated BioceraBalls turns all free oxygen into free activated hydrogen, turning the water alkaline and thus increasing the pH of the water and it also adds alkaline minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium.

Biocera Hydrogen Mist
Water mist is basically used to moisturize your skin. With dry skin, it always feels tight and uncomfortable after washing, and because of this dry skin, sometimes cracks can be visible with extremely dehydrated skin. It happens especially with people who spend most of their time indoors. Experts, however, say that spraying your face with mist has a similar effect as saliva has over the lips, of moistening it. Biocera’shydrogen mist is composed of abundant active hydrogen that eliminates active oxygen that improves the absorptive power with small water molecules and eliminates wastes quickly. It is very handy to use, and it also dissolves tea and coffee by breaking down water molecules.
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