Oligomenorrhea Treatment - Naturally Cure Irregular Periods

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Women suffer from irregular frequency of periods. Gynecure Capsule is made up of plant extracts that regulate monthly cycle.

Infrequent or light spotting during the monthly cycle or a delay in monthly cycles causes regular problems to women. Normally, women get periods in 28 days and by the age of 16 women start getting regular monthly cycles. However, some women get delayed cycles that goes beyond 35 days and some women get early monthly periods that can start in 22 to 24 days. Basically, the problem of Oligomenorrhea refers to the condition when a woman gets unpredictable cycles, different time gap in each month and delayed periods after more than 35 days. The cycle can go beyond 36 days up to 38 or 42 days. Women suffering from delayed menstruation also suffer from infertility as it leads to irregularity in ovulation. Oligomenorrhea treatment is mostly based on hormonal therapy and birth control pills. Some of these drugs have side effects and therefore, many women prefer to cure irregular periods using natural cures such as the one provided by Gynecure Capsule.

Oligomenorrhea treatment is based on its causes. Women suffer from irregular frequency of periods due to one of these, or a combination of these causes -
1. Underlying chronic condition
2. Psychological stress
3. Frequent travelling
4. Poor diet
5. Physically exerting exercises

Women suffer from hormonal imbalance during various phases of life that also results in irregularity in monthly cycles. Some of the conditions that effect the cycles are
1. Use of steroids or hormone based prescription drugs
2. Intake of food low in nutrition or high in fat (A research on fat based food and hormone imbalance is being studied)
3. Production of high amount of male hormones (or Androids)
4. Low secretion of female hormones that has reverse impact on ovulation

Health conditions such as fibroids, cysts or PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) are also responsible for hindering normal functioning of female reproductive organs.
Women who do not have adequate formation of female hormones in body fail to get regular monthly cycles.

Ovaries have small fluid filled sacs that are also called cysts. When egg is released after maturation the egg travels through the uterus but women who suffer from PCOS have less production of female hormones that restricts its timely maturation. In certain conditions, the cyst remains in the ovaries and ovulation does not happen due to the lack of progesterone hormone.

Oligomenorrhea treatment is necessary in women in childbearing age as it is the main cause for infertility in women. Many women suffer from miscarriage or stillbirth due to the problem of fibroids or PCOS. This is also linked to many serious conditions such as high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, reproductive diseases, diabetes, liver conditions and metabolic conditions.

To cure irregular periods, Gynecure Capsule can be taken that is one of the most widely adopted cures for the problem of irregular periods. The herbal capsule is made up of plant extracts that regulate monthly cycle by enhancing the production of female hormones in the body. The phytocompounds found in herbs mimic human hormones and regulate bodily function. It contains phytochemicals that nurture the body and improve its systems.

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