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postdrome migraine arise from the lack of sleeping hours. If you need a proper sleep per day like 6-7 hours with proper rest in a good routine.

Can you manage your postdrome migraine pain. It is the curse of our life that reduce our work efficiency day by day. This is fourth stage of migraine. Migraine is feel like a small death that gives pain day by day. It mourns you and reduce my works migraine make more weak than my used to life style.

I never want to mourn in my migraine pain and share my ideas of migraine triggers. When I had survived from the migraine pain I never concentrate in my work, my life, my family, I think! I am not exist, I feel like dead men I have no idea about to my body language it’s very scared for me. After a long time I read some articles in Barrownz Lifesciences that was interesting for migraine patient.

I read it carefully and I feel may be it work. I tried some idea and then right now I control my postdrome migraine pain. Do some small efforts you can manage your migraine and prevent from migraine pain. Our life the battle field where migraine is the enemy of my health. If I want to control it, migraine would be remove.

Just follow some basic steps

Make good sleep habit: postdrome migraine arise from the lack of sleeping hours. If you need a proper sleep per day like 6-7 hours with proper rest in a good routine. You can see this will effect within a week in positive manner.

Stay off from electronic radiation devices: while you sleeping please stay off the electronic devices like TVs, mobile phone, laptop etc. These are create the distraction in your sleep. It also make save your bedroom from dangerous radiation which also effect in our body.

Avoid the drugs: if you take the migraine medication, tobacco, caffeine before the sleep, please stop that. Left the tobacco and caffeine immediately. You should take the medication one hour before the going to sleep.

Doing physical activity: Physical activity is also an important factor to prevent form the migraine pain. If you make habit of regular exercise in early morning that gives you best result to make good health and reduce your migraine pain.

Healthy Diet: Your diet plan should be good and proper in time. You should take fresh green vegetables as a salad. Make less oily vegetable food. You should take juice three time in a day. Don’t take fatty foods like fast food etc.

Keep maintained your migraine dairy: it noted all details of your trigger and keep track record of your migraine duration which medication you take during the migraine attack. After adopting these step and then track you migraine attack record.

Meditation is best activity to reduce the migraine pain: You should do meditation on regular basis of 10- 15 minutes medication gives you relaxed. Your body feel free and relaxed from mind, you feel your breath are fresher than previous one.

Use the essential Oils: essential oils are also play important role to reduce the postdrome migraine pain. Onle 2-3 drop of oils are rubbed on your forehead before you go to bed for sleep. You feel relaxed and take deep breath for 10 minute.

Postdrome migraine is the fourth stage of migraine that is also called as hangover, postdrome migraine are lasting up 48 hours. Postdrome does not happen in all migraine sufferer but 30% are effective from these that illness.

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