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Causes of Hair Loss in Teenage Males and Females
Some decades ago, it was surprising to see a teen with broken and brittle hairs but nowadays, it is very common because of several reasons.

June 7, 2019

Trusting Hair Transplantation as a Solution to Hair Loss
As the name shows it is a surgical treatment and must be performed by a qualified and trained surgeon. Hair transplant is not a new procedure and advanced versions of this treatment have come to amaze the hair loss patients.

May 31, 2019

The Ideal Opportunity To Receive The Desired Hair Transplant By Dr. Kinnar Kapadia
If you have opted hair transplant to restore hair growth on your scalp, it is really a good decision.

May 27, 2019

Understanding Factors Affecting Hair Restoration Cost
Hair loss is a complex health issue that removes all the hairs from the scalp. So, the disease does not tease you physically but it tortures you mentally.

May 17, 2019

Is There Any Platform That Can Be Identified As The Best Hair Transplant Clinic In India?
Hair loss is a serious issue and it is like a global problem because people of all the countries suffer from male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia.

May 8, 2019

Don’t Be Hopeless And Get Instant Hair Loss Treatment Through The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In India
Hair loss makes you depressed because your look is affected severely. A bald scalp does not seem impressive and most of the people treat as an older look as well.

May 2, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Doctor In Ahmadabad
Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is a serious health issue that affects the scalp of the patient.

April 25, 2019

How To Deal With Genetic Hair Loss By Dr. Kinnar Kapadia
Hair loss is seen very often in the people irrespective of their age and gender. It is considered as the effect of the present environment containing pollution, imbalanced lifestyles, and severe stress faced in routine.

April 22, 2019

A Hair Transplant Is A Long Term Remedy To Hair Loss
The procedure of hair transplant surgery is not hard to understand. The surgeon takes the hair from the sides and back of the head and transplant to the bald area. this process is performed with the help of advanced techniques and equipment.

April 11, 2019