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Use your intelligence to delve further. Mercury in the 8th house might make you an expert in occult disciplines and interested in esoteric studies.

Positive Mercury in the eighth house has the potential to cause you to relocate overseas and, if briefly, to become well-known in sports. The Sarala Yoga that results from this stance bestows upon your knowledge, strength, authority, property, and triumph.

Common Mercury in 8th House Effects
Mercury in 8th house might help you become an expert in the occult science known as tantric siddhi through extensive research and interpersonal interaction. It can also turn you into an archaeologist or paleontologist, who analyses and solves cases by delving deeply into each layer of the case. Esoteric studies will pique your interest and encourage you to use your intellect to delve deeper in search of a solution. Mercury's placement in Scorpio or Aries can also make you a doctor. You can also pursue a career as a writer who specializes in esoteric subjects like black and white magic, kundalini, and tantric siddhi. You become inquisitive and eager to learn more about anything when Mercury is in this house.

Family problems, however, can be problematic since Mercury, who is analytical and logical, is unable to address them. Even if you spend a lot of time studying dinosaur bones, you can find it difficult to manage your interpersonal interactions. Even finding that relationships and marriage are not for you is possible.
Mercury in 8th house is a dramatic placement; it causes you to delve deeply into truth and intelligence, giving you a philosophical outlook on life. If Mercury is well-placed, you will exhibit good communication and a strong bond with your in-laws.

Positive Mercury
Through research and investigation into a variety of topics, a favorable Mercury in 8th house will improve your financial realities. Based on your choices, you have the willpower to control others and the conviction that whatever you are doing is good. You have a great strategy for swaying people's opinions and getting them to cooperate with your choices. You will reveal secrets and enigmas. Mercury in 8th house has the potential to force you to relocate overseas with a sizable sum of liquid assets. Mercury in this house will temporarily increase your popularity in sports.

Mercury is negative
Your life will become chaotic if you try to control everyone according to your point of view due to a negative Mercury in 8th house. Due to your cunning and blunt communication style, many people could find it difficult to understand you. Even if you are smart and knowledgeable, arrogance will prevent you from developing. You will experience respiratory system issues, skin conditions, blood circulation issues, a fear of water, and you may develop an addiction to intoxicating substances when Mercury is in this position.

Mercury retrograde in the 8th house
Your mind may not focus on paranormal activity in the appropriate way when retrograde Mercury is influencing you to do so. In addition to this, you might need to work with cemeteries, crematories, criminal investigations, etc. People won't be able to comprehend your enigmatic and erratic communication.

Mercury Combust in 8th House
You will get credulous and boast about many things that may not be true if Mercury is combust. Your IQ will deteriorate, and you'll want to exert too much control, which won't help you keep relationships or make money. People will not listen to you and your speech will be impaired. Your pain will grow as a result.
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