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In astrology, Mercury in the 8th house signifies family, marriage, and interactions with the in-laws. It denotes the future value of joint assets as well as shared assets with the family or spouse.

It serves as a cult's and secrecy's home. It is a house full of history, secrecy, and unexpected events.
Mercury in 8th house in astrology is not a healthy place for Mercury to be in as it forces it to be solitary, be a quiet personality, and provide lots of skin problems as well as pain in the hands and back.

Meaning and astrological traits of those born with Mercury in the eighth house

The eighth house is renowned for its insight into the criminal underworld, government taxes, and covert government operations. It is a home for unexpected things like sudden surgery, accidents, and fatalities. Positive things can also occur abruptly, such as unexpectedly winning the lottery, purchasing a home, or landing a job.

The eighth-house native of Mercury uses reasoning skills and intelligence to conduct research. As they delve deeply to learn, observe, or analyze something because analyzing data comes with intellect, the native could be a paleontologist, archaeologist, or in any other subject that is pertinent.

In terms of the throat, family history, and family lineage, the eighth house is also crucial. The native learns about his family and teaches it to be resourceful by studying their family history in great detail. Speaking and improving communication skills are important aspects of Mercury in 8th house. In-laws and family members can be highly communicative with the native, but if the planets are out of alignment, family relationships are likely to suffer.

The native's capacity to communicate delves deeply into life's philosophical issues. Natives may search for intellectual items as a result of their eighth-house natal curiosity for knowledge and learning new things. Since home problems are less cerebral than professional ones, it might be problematic when it is diverted to address them.

What in astrology does Mercury stand for?
Mercury in 8th house enhances intelligence because intelligence is a prerequisite for effective communication.
Mercury also signifies a native's aptitude for business and management because of his analytical and calculating temperament as well as his love of the market.

Mercury is the astrology symbol for speech. It also controls the logical and intellectual part of the mind, the pre-speech thought process, the capacity for communication, and everything else that has to do with language, including the use of symbols, logic, information processing, and interpersonal relationships.
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