How To Boost Immune System Immunity: Your Final Weapon

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Staying healthy is immensely essential to all living beings. Moreover, just recently, all of us started to realize that its importance is uncompromising.

The New Normal
With COVID-19 in full swing, everything is pacing towards a different definition of reality. Suddenly things are starting to speed up and the long pause that we just took, is coming to an abrupt end. Some may call it a consequence of the pandemic but we know that this new reality is set to stay for a much longer duration than we initially foresaw it to.The atmosphere is much different now. The concepts of work, life, leisure, love, and balance in our day-to-day operations are gradually taking a different turn. Our needs are shifting and our beliefs are taking a hit. Safety, sanitation, and healthiness which were already a great part of our lives, are becoming our topmost priority today. Entertainment and joy may take the back seat now because the following is starting to take precedence over all:“It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi
What is so special about Immunity?
Staying healthy is immensely essential to all living beings. Moreover, just recently, all of us started to realize that its importance is uncompromising.In a state of shock and sickness, such as ours, staying healthy is a luxury, some of us may be deprived of. Even so, we recommend moving in the direction of the utmost healthiness step by step. And for just that, the first step, we say, is of not being sick. Sickness is the enemy of healthiness and nothing which is disease-ridden is ever healthy and magnificent. In order to cope up with all kinds of deadly diseases around us, we need to build strong immunity. After all, “Immunity is always your final weapon against any disease.”
How to keep yourself healthy?
With food flooded with preservatives and all sorts of chemicals available for consumption, it may be a little hard to set your sight upon something which is actually healthy. Even though it may sound scary and nearly impossible to have a really healthy diet, it is what we really want(and need), and it is what we will get for ourselves.Now the question remains, “how to do it?”
Well for that, just tag along:
• Exercise Often: Unlike most machines, your body needs to keep on working in order to stay in working shape. That is why exercise should always be your number one checkpoint whenever you think of getting healthy. Looking for a number? Try this:
• 30 minutes a day
• Medium intensity exercise
• 3 times a week
• Skip junk food: Junk food is the enemy of wellness. The more you go for preserved/store-bought/fried/frozen foods, the farther you go away from meeting your goal of healthiness. Try this instead:
• Make your own snacks (in healthy oils) at home.
• Cut out bad fats.
• Try fruits instead.
• Stressless: If your body is sad, no matter how much you love you send via good food, it will remain sad. Stress works against wellness. Stress has heavy consequences on your body:
• Unhealthy weight gain/loss.
• Poor sleep/rest.
• Destruction of mental health.
• Social isolation.
• Self-hate and suicidal thoughts.
• Eventual physical harm.
• Sleep Well: A good night’s sleep does more wonders to your body than you can think. Your body needs a proper rest without which it is bound to fail you, eventually. Try:
• Getting at least 6-9 hours of sleep every day.
• Try sleeping in intervals if not altogether.
• Try nature tunes/sleep sounds/lullabies for help.
• Give yourself 30 minutes screen-free time before bed.
• Quit Smoking: We cannot stress this enough. Smoking Kills! It is bad for your lungs, blood, heart, and mouth. It damages your nerves, decays your teeth, burns away the windpipe and simply, is not good for you. Make a choice between smoking and life. Quit smoking today.
• Stay Hydrated: Water is very essential for your body. Try pumping more and more water via fruits, soups, shakes, and salads, if you cannot take in as much water directly. Trust us, water is life!
• It regulates body temperature.
• It balances pH and fluids.
• Assists biochemical reactions.
• Assists in metabolism.
• Makes up most of your body.
• Carries several nutrients.
• Keeps your body clean and helps in waste disposal.
• Say No To Alcohol: Alcohol is yet another terrible enemy of healthiness. It hampers your brain activity, reduces your liver’s capacity, harms your kidneys, gives you a beer-belly and does not even taste good! No matter what they show in the films, drinking alcohol is not cool or smart. It is wasteful and very unhealthy.
If you want to look as healthy as a television superstar, quit drinking today!
• Stay positive: At the end of the day, it is your inner peace what matters. We don’t recommend you doing unhealthy things for fun but recommend following your inner voice and keeping yourself mentally healthy as much as physically healthy. Stay positive and you’d get there!
Must Haves
With all of this in motion, we not take the road seldom taken and go full gravel on your health binge? AstoCare has narrowed down the road to a happier and stronger body for you via three essential immunity builders:
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin D
• Zinc
Still not sure how you might be able to include them into your diet, uncompromisingly? Here are some tips as to how you maybe able to add them in:
Vitamin C
It is one of the most important nutrients that help in building immunity and keeping our bodies healthy and active. Following are the benefits we derive from Vitamin C:
• It helps form collagen.
• It assists iron absorption
• It helps build the immune system
• It is also responsible for wound healing.
• It assists in the maintenance of cartilage.
• It takes care of bones and teeth too.
Having a Vitamin C rich diet is not just good for your immunity but for your overall health as well. Following are some foods which will help you binge on this awesome nutrient:
• Amla/Indian gooseberry
• Lemons
• Kale/Spinach
• Oranges/Tangerines
• Tomatoes
• Kiwi
Vitamin D
Vitamin D is one of the most underrated and, thus, deficient nutrients of our body. The ‘sunshine vitamin’ is heavily essential for your body’s growth and development in several different areas. Vitamin D deficiency clubbed with any other disease/infection can play havoc on your body, especially your blood and bones. Take a look as to how much you need Vitamin D:
• It regulates Calcium and Phosphate in your body.
• It’s responsible for the growth of bones, teeth and muscles.
• It prevents the immune system from causing damage to the body.
• It’s found to battle depression.
• It assists weight loss.
• It prevents certain infections.
With all this going on, we recommend you to go bask in the sun and fill yourself with as much vitamin D as you can. If it’s too hot outside, consider these Vitamin D rich foods as temporary substitutes:
• Eggs
• Salmon fish
• Cheese
• Mushroom
• Yogurt
• Tofu and soy foods
Zinc is an important micro-mineral desperately needed by your body. Without adequate zinc in your body, you might be one more vulnerable to various infections and diseases. In fact, if you get infected by an illness later, it may be harder for your body to fight back without adequate zinc levels. Don’t believe us? Take a look yourself:
• It helps in DNA synthesis.
• It builds your immune function.
• It strengthens your metabolism.
• It helps in growth
• It has anti inflammation properties.
• It prevents old age diseases.
• It helps maintain smell and taste
• It assists healing of wounds.
If you feel like adding more zinc to your diet, you have made the right choice. Here are some foods rich in Zinc which may help you get at it:
• Whole grains
• Avocado
• Nuts
• Chickpeas
• Oysters
• Pomegranate
• A Final Word
• No matter what you do, just do it with all your strength and spirit. Forcing something onto yourself is as unhealthy as getting sick. Mental well-being is just as important as your physical well-being. Try and strike a balance between them, all the while keeping both of them up and strong. In any case,
• “Physical(and psychological) fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”
• No matter what, we will always keep your well-being as our no. 1 priority. For assistance contact us at [email protected] or LIVE CHAT with us at
• We Care for You.
-- END ---
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