How to Obtain an Influencer License in the UAE

Posted February 7, 2021 by arthurmorgan

This blog from adumbrates the steps taken to obtain an Influencer License in the UAE

According to Statista, the regular person spends around an average of 144 minutes scrolling through their feed on social media platforms. And more than half the world — which accounts to 3.96 billion people — is on social media. That number is no joke; nor should it be as what started out as a way to interact through the internet has now become one of the most — if not the most — prominent ways of communicating and reaching out to people. Social media has emerged as one of the most puissant tools of the 21st century, and continues to show no signs of stopping. If you are 29 years or younger, there is a good chance you have at least one form of social media that you use daily.

The average Joe uses social media for communication while businesses and corporations have capitalized on it. A common pattern is that entrepreneurs setup new business in Dubai in the form of digital marketing agencies and SMMAs because business setup in Dubai has become just so easy and effortless! Statistics have it that the revenue generated will surpass over 50 billion USD by 2021. Social Media Marketing has grown to become so prevalent and influential that it has even spawned a new branch within — Influencer Marketing. But we are going to focus on how imperative social media marketing is to businesses and how to obtain the prerequisites for social media marketing in the UAE.

As the social media domain continues to spread, so are the legislations. Very recently, the UAE National Media Council (NMC) introduced measures to regulate social media in the UAE to give it a more professional landscape.

Legislation: The new rules mandate any social media influencer in the UAE to obtain both a trade license and UAE Influencer License to market on social media. Note that these licenses are mandatory for social media influencers who perform paid advertising.

That is to say, if you are on a social media platform like YouTube and want to give a shoutout to a fellow YouTuber or a friend, you need not be in possession of a permit. However, if your advertising is paid, you are required by the law to procure certain permits before you can carry out social media marketing.

The application for a government license of any sort is a cumbersome and tedious process — especially when you are carrying out a new business setup in Dubai — but with the right assistance, you can get it done quite effortlessly. If you are unsure of when and where to start, Cross Link International is forever at your disposal. With Cross Link International, you can now obtain a Media License for only AED 5,750 — the cheapest you can find (exclusive of visa and other provisions). Howbeit, if you are applying for a Social Media Influencer License on your own, read on.

Application for Media License
The first step is to obtain a trade license. In order to become a licensed influencer, you are mandated to have a trade license. You can apply either to one of the many UAE Free Zones or apply directly to the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). Opting for Free Zone is preferred as it is the more cost-effective method of business setup in Dubai. One of the most popular free zones is Fujairah Creative City, as it offers a lot of benefits such as tax exemptions, zero currency restrictions and continuous business support.

You can also apply for an Influencer license in the UAE if you possess a freelance permit. These licenses are cheaper than full trade license and can be obtained from many free zones in the UAE. If you choose to go with applying for a trade license, the next step would be to choose a name for your company. This has to be done with a lot of thought, as it has to comply with UAE’s naming convention. A Dubai business setup consultant will be able to help you in choosing a good, reliable company name that will abide by the naming convention.

Tip: Avoid names of well-known corporations and avoid using language that can be perceived as offensive. It is also better to avoid using abbreviations if you are naming the company after yourself. For example, use David Porter Consulting in lieu of D. Ported Consulting. You may consult the official UAE government website to check name availability.

If you are carrying out business setup in Dubai as a freelancer, you may skip this step as the company name would automatically be your own.

Visa Application
Prerequisites for Social Media License:

UAE Residency Visa
Emirates ID
The process of applying for your own visa may look straightforward but nonetheless, in order to complete the application process punctiliously, taking the assistance of a business setup consultant is highly recommended.

If you are a UAE Trade License Licensee, you can also sponsor others for visas. This could be your parent, your child or your significant other. However, the maximum number of visas you can apply depends majorly on your personal earnings, your business structure and the size of your company.

Social Media Influencer License Application
The last step is applying for your Social Media Influencer License to the NMC. You may choose to do this either through the official NMC website or hire a business setup consultant to manage all your applications — which include your trade license, Visa, Emirates ID and Influencer license — for you. However, there are a few eligibility criteria that you must meet before you apply for your Influencer License. You must:

Not currently be a member of the National Media Council (NMC)
Be a resident of UAE or GCC citizen
Be over 25 years of age
Hold enough reputation
Some other prerequisites required are:

A copy of Trade License
A copy of Emirates ID
Registered tenancy contract or the title deed
Since a Social Media Influencer License in Dubai is an e-license, the whole application process would take you no more than 15 minutes.

Are you an Influencer?
With UAE’s GDP growing like clockwork every year, there couldn’t be a better time to use social media to its potential.

With that being said, one cannot establish their business on Social Media overnight, because it requires planning and the expertise of someone whose job is to procure licenses. If you take the help of a business setup consultant to complete all the prerequisites for new business setup in Dubai , you can sleep with a peaceful mind while getting the process done expeditiously.

Lucky for you, Cross Link International can help you not only procure the licenses, but also assist you at every step in setting up your business. We charge no more than AED 1 as Service Charges. Reach out to us today to start your business setup. Call us on +971 4 321 6631 / +971 55 744 6445 or fill up this form for a callback!
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