Benefit of Freedom of Speech and Expression

Posted December 28, 2018 by aronseo17

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According to George Orwell in 1984, he describes a society where freedom of speech is refused and that he debates to whether thought is possible without any external influence. The main point of computer is that constraining areas of thought and expression not only stagnates but also kills the minds of the people, potential, creativity and retards the development of relationship between man with himself and man with others.

Human protection under the law are the base of all human dignity, freedom, justice and peace. According to the 1948 General Affirmation on Human Protection under the law, it is stated that equal protection under the law for all people and three fundamental principles overseeing human protection under the law: protection under the law are general, which means that protection under the law will affect the person who or wherever see your face is; inalienable, which means that the protection under the law cannot be removed or removed; and finally, indivisible, which means that all protection under the law are of equal importance.

As stated in Article 19 of the Us General Affirmation of Human Protection under the law, "Everyone has the directly to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and provide information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers". This right certainly plays an essential role in a democratic country in the sense that it contributes to the decision-making at all levels in society of the country. It is only logical that a decision made after adequate consultation is more preferable which takes into account of the opinions, interests and needs of all concerned compared to a determination that is taken with no consideration at all.

Freedom of speech and expression is also important to a government of a country. This is because when the government is criticized by those who voiced out freely, only then the government has the opportunity and directly to respond to the not fair comments and criticisms created by the citizens about the government's actions. This will prove efficiency of the government because it ensures that the costa rica government takes into considerations of other people's opinions and views of things when the government is able to answer its critics and correct its mistakes freely. On the other hand, when freedom of speech is restricted, people begins spreading false rumours, not fair criticisms, and comments about the government by word of mouth or by surreptitiously published documents around the Internet because they are tied down and have no room to express what they truly feel. The costa rica government is then in no position to answer these criticisms or comments, because they are not freely stated.

Furthermore, freedom of speech and expression plays a major role for the people in awareness and exercise of other fundamental protection under the law in the sense that if the freedom of speech is restricted, other fundamentals protection under the law, in particular the protection under the law to freedom of association and assembly will also be dishonored because they go in conjunction. Take Malaysia for example, the freedom of speech is restricted because it's possible to be detained if he/she criticizes the costa rica government freely. On the other hand, the recent issue which is the Bersih 3. 0 rally, is a demonstration with the try to call for free and fair elections in Malaysia. Citizens from various places gathered and have a peaceful demonstration but however, it is not well received by the government and the of little substance conduct by the police force has shown that not only freedom of speech and expression is restricted, but also the freedom of assembly.

The freedom of speech is the greatest important political right that is held by the citizens. There will not be any political actions or ways to strive against injustice or oppression without the freedom of speech and expression. With the absence of free speech, elections would have been meaningless. Length of actions that is created by the candidates become known to the public and turn into alert to public opinion only by virtue of free speech. During the elections, citizens who freely expressed their opinions are the ones that help to restrain oppressive rule. Without this freedom it is unnecessary that is expected political freedom or, consequently, economic freedom.

In conclusion, freedom of expression is foundation upon which the very existence of a democratic society sets. It is essential not only for the establishment of public opinion but also an essential condition for the development of political parties, trade union, scientific and cultural organizations and, in general, those who would like to influence the public. In short, it represents the means that enables the city to be completely informed when practicing its opinions. Thus, it can be said that a society that's not knowledgeable is not a society that is truly free.
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