Which Cat Scratcher Is Best for Your Feline Friend?

Posted January 22, 2021 by AnaBrenda

Cats are very independent animals. But even the most independent kitty needs attention from its owners from time to time.

Cats are very independent animals. But even the most independent kitty needs attention from its owners from time to time. This is why cat owners around the world try to offer their cats the best there is. From Crystal cat litter to the perfect cat scratcher, nothing is too much when it comes to hearing those purrs. In order to keep that meowing machine happy owners should do some serious research and better understand what their friends need and how can they provide them with it.

Which Cat Scratcher Is Right for Your Cat?

Cats, although domesticated, have retained their wild instincts and hunter like habits. The ones that don’t eat lasagna and hate Mondays, of course. Real cats can often be seen leaping thru trees and chasing birds or stalking various small animals. One of the most damaging habits cats have, as many owners can attest, is the scratching of the furniture. And, although some might think that this is just some kind of way asking for attention or a deliberate destruction of bed posts and chair legs, this is actually a very natural thing. Cats scratch in order to keep their claws sharp and to help them release stress. This is why it is so important that their owners get them the right equipment for them to let loose on. But how does one know how to choose the right scratcher?

Before buying the first thing that comes up in your Google search for https://www.petshopdirect.com.au/shop/category/cat-scratching-post cat scratcher , you should consider a few things about them. Firstly, a cat scratcher is as much a toy as it is a complete relaxation center for your purring friend. That is why you should always make sure that the one you choose offers a variety of options for your cat to explore. Namely, a good scratcher should have enough surface for your kitty to properly drag her claws on. Also, if you have the space for it, you should go for a scratcher that has some height to it. Cats love to climb and enjoy playing on things that are high from the ground. Not to mention you’ll get some laughs in as well.

The second thing you should consider when shopping for a cat scratcher is the materials it is made out of. There are a lot of options out there, from many companies claiming to have superior products. But, as many online blogs and forums can demonstrate, that isn’t always the case. Always try to avoid any kind of scratcher that can hurt your feline friend. This means that it shouldn’t be made out of any harmful materials like too much metal or materials that can splinter and cause bleeding or those that can get claws tangled easily and produce stress for the animal. Owners should, as much as they can, look towards natural materials like rope made out of jute or other natural fibers. Also, wood is always a good option, especially the harder species that are longer lasting.

Cat owners should also try and avoid any kind of cat scratcher that has chemicals. Granted, one can only avoid so many, but any good owner should know that some paints can flake and cause serious health issues to their pet. Also, some manufacturers use special chemicals to make their products stronger. Those too can be harmful to little kitties, especially when they are changing their teeth and tend to chew on almost anything they can get their mouths on. In order to make a correct choice, you should always firstly consult with your vet. He’ll know what to recommend you get for your tabby so he can be safe and enjoy playing.

Why Is Crystal Cat Litter Something to Consider?

Some people might think that https://www.petshopdirect.com.au/shop/category/cat-litter-crystals Crystal cat litter is just some fancy cat litter, with a fancy name. And they are right. But the thing is that this cat litter actually lives up to its hype. For years, cat owners and veterinarians have been searching for the right type of cat litter and have been experimenting with various brands and mixes. From all natural ingredients to various combinations of potentially harmful chemicals nothing seemed to work. Until Crystal cat litter was released onto the market.

In order to understand why Crystal cat litter is such a big deal, you should know the struggles cat owners have faced over the years. One of the biggest one was the smell. Although cats are recognized as being some of the cleanest animals anyone can own, their litter boxes still smelled quite awful once they were used. That meant that owners had to deal with the scent in any way they knew. Air fresheners and scented candles only covered up the smells, and even that only for a little while. Crystal cat litter is made out of silica. Silica is the stuff you might find in those small packages when you buy new shoes. It is used in order to absorb moisture and smells. That means that, not only does Crystal cat litter absorbs the liquids, it traps the smells as well, leaving your house and the litter box smelling fresh and spearing any owner of any embarrassing scenes.

Another big problem cat owners faced with regular kitty litter was the fact that it was so easily tossed around and it got everywhere. Cats have a tendency to bury their number 1s and 2s, and they do so by flicking litter over it with their hind legs. But that litter also gets tossed outside the litter box and can be quite annoying to clean up. Because it is so fine, it gets between cracks in the flooring and people carry it with them on the soles of their shoes or slippers. With Crystal cat litter that is no longer an issue. The material it is made out of is easily noticeable and even vacuum safe. Also, because it absorbs the moisture around it, Crystal cat litter can get bigger and it is less likely to be stepped on. Plus, the material isn’t naturally sticky, so you don’t have to worry you’ll be spreading it around if it gets on the bottom of your shoes.
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