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Posted August 6, 2018 by aminbinsaeed

If you already using an internet service connection then before you think about getting an upgrade, you might want to test the current speed of your internet connection.

Fiber Optic Internet Connections have to be the smartest option for the big families’ connectivity. You know why? Because it offers the highest internet speed to all connected devices without compromising the connection. It might be a bit costly than DSL, cable and even satellite internet in terms of the effective internet service. Fiber Optic Internet can offer up to 1 Gbps and even up to 10 Gbps.
In this article we will discuss the internet requirement of the residential sectors and how much bandwidth they should opt for in order to achieve effective internet usage for everyone.
If you already using an internet service connection then before you think about getting an upgrade, you might want to test the current speed of your internet connection. Even if just to know how much higher you should opt for in terms of bandwidth for your entire family and all the gadgets connected to the internet (laptops, desktops, smartphones, Kindles, tablets and music pods). There are many websites that offer internet speed test online for free. These test will give you a brief report on your connection speed that you are consuming on different hours per day. This internet consumption report will give you a fair estimate on how much bandwidth will suffice.
Another way to categorize your internet consumption is to enlist what you want most from your internet connection like:
• Are you a hard-core online gamer?
• Are you addicted to streaming TV and movies online and prone to binge watching?
• Or are you more of a researcher who likes to keep tabs on what goes around in the world?

Here are the different speed limits available and suggested by fiber optic internet providers for your homes:
Don’t even think about going below 2 Mbps even for basic surfing. 5Mbps is a good start for casual browsing families who like check emails, basic web surfing, and social media usage. This speed limit is for those who don't use the internet much.

5-10 Mbps is a bandwidth suggested for casual web surfing, emailing and once in a blue moon streaming. This limit doesn't offer great download limit but you can download a 1 GB movie in about an hour. This connection is m ideal for the individuals to connect all their personal devices but not so great for families.

10-25 Mbps is the type of connection for a 4-5 member family. It will allow connectivity to more devices but if one device is downloading something, the internet speed for other devices may falter. But this connection is good for streaming HD videos and games.

25-40 Mbps connections are for internet junkies who like to binge watch entire seasons in a single go. This connection will allow multiple devices to connect and stream digital media worth of hundreds of hours without slowing down.

40+ Mbps connections are for hardcore internet streaming family, one that's also into online gaming. This speed can also enable you to watch 4k content on more than one devices and you will be able to download 1 GBs in a couple of minutes. Your other devices won't even experience lag if you are heavily downloading. This connection is for families that live and breathe internet.
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