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AMBEROS is Adding New Attractive Products to its Collection
AMBEROS is proud to announce that they are adding some high-quality and attractive products to their already popular collections. These products include a wide variety of baby teething necklaces and bracelets.

April 2, 2019

Amberos Introduces Their New Range of Mixed Color And Baroque & Beans-Styled Amber Beads!
Amberos is introducing an entirely new collection of Amber beads in Baroque and Beans styles this month.

March 2, 2019

AMBEROS Announces Their New Collection Of Amber Teething Necklaces With Colorful Gemstones!
AMBEROS store offers brand-new range of Amber teething necklaces this month. This new range of necklaces is designed especially for relieving teething pain and calm your baby.

October 5, 2017