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With her experience in TV and viral YouTube videos, she has created a sales company, Amazon Sales Videos to make Amazon products hot on the Amazon algorithm for viral sales. 

Among so many ways of promotion, audiovisual is at the top of the list. People are using different techniques to engage audiences, but a professional knows how to turn on the charm for products with the elements of a captivating video, even for the more practical and boring of products.  With the right knowledge and good experience, a seller can beat out competition in the market with the right video. Everyone has its USP (unique selling point), which people relate to, notice and then buy the product. What better way than to underline and bring a Hollywood glamour to a video to make your product the star! With a good Amazon video, sales soar!

By picturing the product in a manner that helps people in their daily activity, Amazon Sales Videos can bring a life your product to get viewers to add product into cart.  Its is a Creative Amazon Video Agency run by Rebecca Brand, one of the top hired influencers in the world on YouTube. She has many TV shows, and a hot relevant YouTube channel that churns out content constantly.  With her experience in TV and viral YouTube videos, she has created a sales company, Amazon Sales Videos to make Amazon products hot on the Amazon algorithm for viral sales. 

Rebecca’s start was with helping by request her clients who wanted to first have a video to sell on YouTube. Rebecca would represent the company by folding in their product into a lifestyle video. With a click of a link for the purchases, Rebecca integrated products into cooking, then fitness, then beauty, technology, household and quickly covering all aspects of a good lifestyle by showing her audience how new innovations are used to create that lifestyle.  Rebecca quickly became the #1 hired Youtube in the world year after year.  Her marketing degree, MBA from Anderson Graduate School at UCLA didn’t hurt either.  With a professional background in sales and direct mail marketing, Rebecca’s marketing savvy easily wove into a successful YouTube channel selling  products as Rebecca lived her life on camera - handling, and demonstrating the innovations of clients all along the way.

Requests from clients to re edit to a shorter format proved extremely successful for these Amazon FBA sellers.  Rebecca’s creative touch with how she directed the display and videography skyrocketed the videos into Algorithm heaven and clients reported back to Rebecca their success stories. Over the course of hundreds of videos, Rebecca found the winning combination of 45 - 60 seconds that spears through the competing products on a page with a video that generates “add to cart” clicks. 

“The formula is different with every product”, reports Rebecca, “I need to see the client’s product page on Amazon, figure out and understand the specialness, the unique selling proposition, and focus on a video that brings to life the product in an emotional way to get those sales.”  Rebecca goes on to describe sometimes actors or actresses can greatly influence those sales. Many items lend itself for an emotional sale or informative sale, like for supplements, sports products, children’s toys, beauty products.  Sometimes for technical products, an install video, with the product in use is the best.  “Buyers want to know how to set up and use the product, and what to see if it can be done easily. I find that if the competition won’t show a simple set up, this gives the seller an edge up on the competition.”  Rebecca says she can quickly recommend based on her experience a video format for clients.

Her market expertise in creating videos that sell products lead to a booming business of making videos in different categories for clients. Her production company also owns a full casting company to hire actors and actresses, models for the products. Based in Santa Barbara, California there are many students attending the many local colleges  that wish for part-time work.  There is a large population of fit attractive young people to appear in the Amazon videos and website videos Rebecca creates that represent the products well.  

Rebecca Brand Productions has a team of talented editors, videographers, and marketers to create eye-catching emotion eliciting videos with calls of action. Rebecca final directs every product herself before submitting to her clients, for their final approval. Her service includes deluxe videos shot on location, demonstration videos, unboxing with set-ups, actors using products, lifestyle actors shot on location at scenic places in Santa Barbara - the beaches, parks, quaint town, and fully casted videos with groups of actors. Sometimes what’s required is a complicated assembly for a product, but made to look simple, a talent Rebecca Brand Productions does well at request.

Over hundreds of happy clients, Amazon Sales Video has done videos for Sports, Automotive, Kitchen, Food, Home Decor, Household, Cleaning, Children’s Toys, Bathroom Products, Personal Care, and lots more. One testimonial, of many, a true success story is that of a simple bath salt package. It is a $6 product that was selling at a volume of 300 units a month.  Once Rebecca Brand Productions Amazon sales video was added to the sales page, sales skyrocketed to 150,000 units right after the company posted the video to its sales page.  This happened in its very first month after first appearing on the Amazon page website.

There are many more remarkable success stories.  Rebecca comments, “It’s my job to capture the essence of what can sell a product.  In this case, it was an expectant mother, shopping in a charming Santa Barbara baby store, then going home to soak her tired feet.  BINGO!  A star foot soak was born!” Apart from Rebecca’s direction, the entire team is talented, hardworking, reliable, and fast working to deliver videos in a timely fashion.  Every product is studied, discussed, and planned out for a successful high-quality video. You can contact Rebecca Brand Productions and create your brand product videos. To reach, click on the link and write Rebecca with your product details. 
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