Little Girl Blu: The Jonbenét Inside Circle Theory, A Book by Sweetie Bee Is Compelleing

Posted September 12, 2016 by alexaz91

Little Girl Blu: The JonBenét Inside Circle Theory now available on Amazon.

Trinidad & Tobago (September 12, 2016) - Sweetie Bee, the acclaimed author, has released her new book on Amazon, titled Little Girl Blu: The JonBenét Inside Circle Theory. After spending years researching on what really happened to the beautiful child that ill-fated night, Sweetie Bee exposes what appears to be “overlooked” and “hidden” evidence that is rarely mentioned from the case that millions around the world are waiting to learn.

The book uses a reinvented approach as this brand new who-dunnit rehashes several theories. Police and the public over the years appear to have been running in circles placing the burden of guilt on the Ramsey’s (Patsy, Burke, and John); an intruder whose identity is still undiscovered; a pedophile who may have confessed to committing the crime but has no evidence to prove his guilt; and a satanic sex slave ring. There has also been much speculation surrounding the 2.5-page ransom note with dozens of questions surrounding its authenticity.

In her book, Sweetie Bee does not force her theory upon the reader. Her attempt has been solely dedicated to putting the pieces of the puzzle together along with the missing links that may have missed many eyes. She basically lets the evidence speak for itself. Bee further assures her readers that her research, observation of evidence and inference is not inconclusive and does not accuse anyone of the crime. Bee lets the reader decide his or her conclusion in a case file that authorities are still clueless about whom to hold responsible.

In her words…“You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt who committed the murder of JonBenét Ramsey. The puzzle will be complete. These are the facts, not my opinion. You have to collect the dots, before you can connect the dots.”

The Seasoned Author, Sweetie Bee published her first book, “The Chronicles of Sweetie Bee: A Damaged Soul” two years ago which sold successfully in Amazon. The pages are a testament to the author’s personal experiences with abuse. Through a lifetime of hardship as a young, single mother, she has become a fervent advocate for prevention of domestic violence, abuse and fight against poverty.

Writing her new book, Little Girl Blu, has been a cathartic and awakening experience for Ms. Bee. The story of JonBenét Ramsey struck a chord with her mostly because justice is yet to be delivered to a beautiful child who could have lived to see a better future. Ms. Bee has also expressed that she actually felt the presence of little JonBenét and Patsy Ramsey around her while she was engrossed in revealing the truth in the pages. This may be the spark the could ignite the case yet again to bring the guilty to light.

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