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Android Studio latest version 3.5 launched with some exciting features for promoting the Android app development services USA, Chrome OS support, Auto-recommend memory, and smart editor are interesting features.

Android and it’s Play Store has the most users base, thus, it keeps improving to feed the best services for its users. In the same way, the latest version of Android Studio 3.5 has been launched with so many exciting features. According to tech-giant, this version gonna transform the Android app development services USA for sure.

In August 2019, Android Studio latest version comes with such a boom story, it is completely improved from the last 3.4 version. Android has vast numbers of users and that insists the core team to keep improving the technology and tools related to Android application development services.

There are several exciting features such as Project Marble, Improved feature polish and system health, changes in the typing latency (smart editor), and lots more to discuss. But there is a special feature called Auto recommend memory, it will automatically suggest the required memory size according to the app project.

First, we take on the Smart editor improvement. The lazy typing method in the editor improved with the changes in typing latency. The user interface freezes just change the way all about editor worked in the past. The code and function will also on the auto-select option with the smart editor.

In the releasing note, Jamal Eason, Product Manager of Android, said, “Android Studio & Emulator rock-solid by looking at three core areas: system health, feature polish, and bugs. Working on Project Marble was in direct response to feedback from you and we continue to welcome any further feedback you have.”

That gives a glimpse of Android Studio 3.5 and it’s Project Marble contains. The key changes in the system health and feature policy, the IDE build speed improvement, Apply changes, Intellij 2019.1 update, foldable and Pixel device support.

The Chrome OS support is just pathbreaking for Android developers. It will allow developers to use every system setting for Chrome OS devices like Acer Chromebook 13, and HP Chromebook x360 14. Android studio now officially supported all Chrome OS devices. The build speed is also 2 times faster than the last one, with the AndroidX data binding, Glide, Realm, and KAPT (Kotlin) and Dagger improvements. The improvement in language support also makes coding easy for the C/C++ project.

Android Studio latest version 3.5 also upgrades the layout editor format. The improvement includes layout interaction, visualization, management, and editor format. It empowers the layout support for the developers to add, edit, or delete a particular constraint for the Android studio.

There are lots more features that we have to discuss like foldable device and Google Pixel supports for developing UI. The easiest UI and layout editor elevates the reputation of Android Studio for sure. Android developers can easily add, edit or delete any UI element with constraint relationship.

In the words of Elijah Williams, Sr. Android developer at Acquaint SoftTech, “The latest Android studio 3.5 is making the buzz for the Android app development. The project Marble Apply changes, feature polish, auto recommend memory setting, layout editor and smart Editor improvements are those features which are exciting. Our development team always curious and ready to adopt the changes. So this time we are very inquisitive about Android application development services to make headway.”

Now the question is how it can help to improve the Android application development services. The changes in the Android Studio latest version 3.5 are so much relying on the user’s perspective, the feedback and issue report takes into the improvement. Without any doubt, Android studio is an essential tool for Android app development.

Android app development services completely defined by its tools and latest technology, the Android Studio top in the list. The changes and improvement always make the entire environment more convenient, the similar goes with the Android application development services USA.

Android Studio latest version 3.5 comes up with the build speed improvement, fast & smart editor that types of features offer fast app development for Android. The best of both worlds features are Chrome OS support and Auto-recommend memory setting, that increase the availability of the Android app development with having robust support of Android Studio.

Without any doubt, the new Android Studio 3.5 has ample features for making the promising build apps with elevating the trust for Android app development services. Since the Android Studio 3.5 still ignored some features that have to be improved but no worry, the core team strives to make your app development journey easier.

Every pro developers or any app owners are always curious about the latest app development tools or IDE that makes mobile app creation easier. But there are some more things that has to be in mind while making a successful application such as market research, project needs, and renowned Android app development company USA.

Developing a winsome Android application is always challenging, there are two ways to do so. There are always some tools, SDK or IDE that makes things easier for developers. The new Android Studio 3.5 comes with so many exciting features that gonna add value in every Android developer's coding. It also helps to improve and makes faster & robust Android app development services USA. For more information
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