ABD Diamonds Reveals Amazing Facts About Lab-Created Diamonds

Posted May 25, 2021 by abddiamonds

The man-made diamond manufacturer explains the facts about Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are popularly known as cultured and are widely available and accepted worldwide. Natural diamonds are scarce, and they face a little tricky getting acceptance due to the origin, whereas lab-created diamonds are conflict-free. Many people who are not aware of man-made diamonds' authenticity cannot decide whether which type of diamond is more feasible.

This informative article by one of the leading man made diamond manufacturers can help you educate into fascinating facts that will clear all your doubts regarding the diamond industry's lab-grown diamond industry.

1. One can find lab-grown diamonds under various lab-created, man-made, cultivated, cultured diamonds, CVD, and HPHT diamonds.

2. Diamonds are made under two methods in the lab. The HPHT method that was introduced initially exposes the diamond under high pressure and temperature to replicate the natural diamonds found under the earth's crust. Another method introduced later with advanced techniques is CVD- chemical vapor deposition that settles the carbon particles on diamond seed and accumulated them to form a desired shape of the diamond under controlled conditions. HPHT CVD diamonds are the only process to make lab-grown diamonds.

3. The manufacturing of lab-created diamonds has increased over the years and is estimated to reach twenty million carats by 2026.

4. Diamonds created in the lab are synthetic diamonds and genuine and authentic pieces with pure carbon properties resembling the earth's crust. CZ can be termed synthetic diamonds since they resemble beauty without carbon properties.

5. Diamonds created in a cultured laboratory are of premium quality and IIA type, which is considered the best form in the industry. Diamonds like these have a brilliance level and exceeds the IA type with a 2% reflection of naturally occurring diamonds.

6. Lab-grown diamonds are ethically produced and have ecological advantages as compared to earth-mined diamonds. They are more sustainable as they are free from eco-friendly and free from environmental damages, pollution-free, and eliminates mining effects of diamonds reducing waste generation and land distortion. This procedure helped deforestation and eliminated any disturbance to the land.

7. Lab-created diamonds are more economical and affordable than natural diamonds, almost 25-30% less. Also, lab diamonds create employment opportunities for many people.

8. Another fact that makes the HPHT diamond manufacturers stand out is making diamonds in a conflict-free way. They are sourced ethically and cruelty-free since the workers do not go any unhealthy working conditions.

9. Lab-grown diamonds undergo a process where they are graded and certified. The 4Cs technique is also applied to lab-created diamonds for their certification and grading parameters.

All the above points are facts about the fantastic lab-grown diamonds. To know more about the types of diamonds, contact us immediately at http://abddiamonds.com/lab-grown-diamonds/
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