Why Are People Having Wooden Flowers Wedding Arrangements Instead of Real Ones?

Posted July 8, 2020 by AbbyClare

Wooden flower wedding arrangements aren’t necessarily something new, but they are getting more and more traction among wedding planners and future brides.

Wooden flower wedding arrangements aren’t necessarily something new, but they are getting more and more traction among wedding planners and future brides. The most important piece of any wedding, floral wise, the bouquet is getting his own do over too. More and more brides are opting for a modern solution, such as the sola wood flower bouquet instead of the traditional flowers one. This is because people around the world are understanding what are the main advantages of using sola wood flowers instead of real ones and the many problems they can avoid by doing so.

Why Choose Wooden Flowers Wedding Floral Arrangements?

When it comes to floral arrangements for an event as special as a wedding, there is little to none room for error. The flowers picked have to be in a certain way, the way that they are arranged has to be in a certain way and even the place they will be put must be in the same certain way. That way is the way in which they best complement the bride and the overall theme of the event. But when it comes to things having to be done in such a pretentious way, mistakes and obstacles are bound to be encountered. First of all, the flowers themselves might not be in season. That means that the event planner has to resort to expensive imports and rely on mostly unreliable delivery services. Secondly, the arrangements have a limited lifespan and, the more intricate the arrangement, the shorter that lifespan is. Sure, there are methods of making the flowers last longer and keep their freshness for the entire event and maybe even longer than that, but in the end the flowers wilt away and the arrangement becomes nothing more than a bunch of dead flowers.

But there are ways of avoiding any kind of problems that might appear and have the perfect floral arrangements. The answer to your problems is using https://www.luvsolaflowers.com/ wooden flowers wedding arrangements. These arrangements are the perfect solution for any event that hinges on the perfection of the floral decorations. They are both low-cost and pretty looking and give any event they are used in a note of alternative class. Although now widely used in all parts of the world, they were first used in India, where floral elements would be used in order to adorn the headpieces of couples in the Bengali region on their wedding day. Nowadays they can be ordered at almost any flower shop or artisanal craftsman that deals in handmade wooden flowers. Although the flowers themselves aren’t that hard to make, making them into arrangements is the tricky part. That is why skilled professionals are required in order to bring any vision to reality.

The versatility of wooden flowers wedding arrangements is very well known. A good craftsman can do with wooden flowers what a professional florist can’t with real ones. That’s because the wood used to create these flowers is usually very light and malleable. Most wooden flowers are made out of sola wood, which is one of the lightest woods out there. Secondly, unlike with real flowers, if a wooden one gets damaged, the craftsman can simply just make another one to replace it. No need to go out and spend more money or search for the right color and petal shape. Another thing that’s great about using a wooden flower wedding arrangement is the fact that they are completely customizable. For instance, every flower can have a different shade of color, or each petal can be a different color all together. Also, the shapes of the flowers are limited only to the imagination of the person creating them.

Of course, wooden flowers wedding arrangements can be a fun thing to do for you too. You can start by trying your hand at making a few separate flowers and then, if all goes well, move up to making your very own wooden flowers wedding arrangement. You might discover a new passion and even develop your skills. All it takes is a little bit of patience, especially if you’ve never done something like this before and the imagination in order to come up with new ideas.

Why Choose a Sola Wood Flower Bouquet?

The crowning piece of all the floral arrangements at any wedding is the bridal bouquet. It has to be the right combination between lavish and practical. It also has to represent what the bride wants and has to go with the entire ensemble of dress and all around theme of the event. But what if the flowers the bride wants aren’t in season? What if the florist handling the bouquet doesn’t have the colors that she wants? What if the bouquet isn’t properly made and comes loose during the ceremony or wilts faster than expected? These are some serious problems that no bride wants to have. Luckily a https://www.luvsolaflowers.com/ sola wood flower bouquet is the answer to all of them.

A sola wood flower bouquet is a bouquet made out of sola wood flowers. The advantages of using this kind of flowers are numerous, starting with the fact that “being out of season” isn’t an issue for them. any flower can be created out of wood in any season. All you have to do is find the right craftsman to do them or the right wholesale shop to buy them directly. This is one of the biggest advantages, spearing you and your budget from buying overpriced, imported flowers.

Another advantage of having a sola wood flower bouquet is the fact that it can literally last forever. Unlike real flowers that have to be dried or flash-frozen in order to be kept as a long lasting memory of your special day, sola wood flowers don’t require any kind of special treatment in order to stay as fresh and beautiful as the day you walked down that aisle. All you have to do is just dust them, from time to time, and spray them with the perfume you like the most. They will thusly become a part of your new life and home, and a very nice talking point for all of your future guests.
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