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Posted April 7, 2020 by AbbyClare

Flowers are so versatile nowadays, because people use them for so many purposes, to decorate venues for special events, to offer them as a symbol of love and consideration, to decorate the house and have lovely arrangements at all times.

Flowers are so versatile nowadays, because people use them for so many purposes, to decorate venues for special events, to offer them as a symbol of love and consideration, to decorate the house and have lovely arrangements at all times. However, natural ones wither and it is never easy to throw them away. The good news is that wooden flowers are a better alternative, offering many benefits. There is a lot to know about wooden wedding flowers and how they manage to stand out from the rest.

What Are Wooden Flowers?

People looking into flowers these days have so many types to choose from. There are natural ones, but also made from paper, silk, plastic, FIMO, and more. One kind stands out from the rest, wooden flowers , being gorgeous, long-lasting, easy to store, eco-friendly. These are suitable for all kinds of events, formal or informal, and even to have around the house, in every room, to brighten up all days. They are manually handcrafted and unique, available in gorgeous designs.

Sola blossoms are cream or ivory in shading, but they ca be colored using acrylic paint, wall or fabric dye. This way, you are able to create the desired look and make them as natural or as unique as you want. There are many tutorials available online on how to dye them. Being handcrafted, two flowers will not look the same and this adds even more to their splendor. As long as they are preserved in the right conditions, meaning away from direct sunlight and in a dry area, they will last for a long time. Handling them with care is also highly recommended, considering they are fragile.

Why Choose Wooden Wedding Flowers?

Weddings are the most important celebrations, filled with love and laughter. Couples spend so much time choosing the right arrangements and making sure that everyone is happy and their day turns out as they expected. Flowers play a vital role in such celebrations, setting the mood and making everything brighter and festive. Instead of spending money on natural blossoms that will not be able to make it afterwards, why not choose wooden wedding flowers? They are more durable, gorgeous and available in many designs, sizes, suitable for every need.

In general, flowers come without stems, but you can always use wire stems and wrap them in ribbon or something else to complete the look. This is an advantage after all, especially if you plan to hang the blossoms or use them in different arrangements. They are easier to work with and can be shaped in many ways. Perhaps you want to create arches, bouquets, centerpieces, offer them as wedding favors to guests, and more. Boutonnieres and corsages are easy to organize and they will stand out from the rest.

One of the most important features of wooden flowers is that they are eco-friendly. They are natural and bio gradable, designed from sustainable materials. This is something worth considering, to help the environment in any way possible and to make the right choices. With natural blooms, couples have to focus on the ones available in that season and if they really have certain preferences, they need to pay substantially. However, sola blooms are not restricted by the season, you can choose whatever types you love the most and combine them for an added effect.

Many people suffer from allergies and when organizing a wedding, you never know when one of your guests starts experiencing unpleasant health issues. One excellent way to avoid this is by using wooden wedding flowers . No one will experience difficulties and you can rest assured that your blooms look stunning and have no negative effects. On the other hand, if you want to scent them at a certain point or after the wedding, this is possible. Some drops of oil-based scents will do the trick and you can place them in the back of the flowers or between the petals. You will then take advantage of beautiful scents for several months.

Using natural blossoms means spending considerable amounts of money and after the event, you have nothing else to do than give them to guests or throw them away. If you invest in wooden wedding flowers from the beginning, you can reuse them for other arrangements, to decorate the house or keep away and pull them out for an anniversary or christening. The main idea is that you purchase them once and can use them for several other purposes.

Many couples nowadays prefer to take some arrangements in their own hands and personalize their special event to match their style and preferences. In the end, the day will remain memorable and it is very important to turn out as they hoped. Wooden wedding flowers can be personalized in so many ways, by adding stems to them, dye, add scents, and arrange them in any way you like. It all depends on the venue, number of people attending and other decorations.

After discovering wooden flowers, many people discovered a new passion, to style them in many ways and use for various purposes. The fact that they can be personalized and will last for many years is something that should not be taken for granted. Many shops nowadays offer the possibility to purchase blooms in bulk or in single packages, available in dozens or pieces, depending on the type. They also offer advice on how to maintain them for more time, how to fluff them and some tips and tricks on how to customize them even more.

Interested buyers can purchase wooden flowers for simple decorations and to use them around the house, offer them as gifts, and such. Those planning to organize weddings and other large celebrations should request an offer for bulk purchases. Prices will be lower and the quality remains the same. Finding a reliable and suitable provider is necessary to benefit from stunning blooms and high-quality services. The main idea is to end up satisfied with the order and to come back for more.
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