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Mr. Prashant Modi led GEECL’s Mannargudi CBM Block

Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited, led by Mr. Prashant Modi, has plans to develop the Mannargudi CBM block with the best production plan and execution for natural gas.
by prashant_modi On Jun 28, 2013

Masley Associates Now Offers Computer Repair And Support Services In Southern California

Masley Associates is an Orange County computer repair firm that brings an extraordinary wealth of skill, experience, and expertise to bear on your computer problem.
by cprtew94 On Jun 28, 2013

Discover the important qualities of a good car service

Cars today are very complex in terms of design and optional equipment. Revision of these vehicles should be done regularly to keep them in top condition. Frequent use or accidents cause damage to any vehicle.
by tedmark On Jun 28, 2013

Indulge in the Supreme Luxury with Cartier Watches

They’ve maintained a very prestigious reputation throughout the years and are recognised as a status symbol of expert craftsmanship and undeniable perfection.
by davidbanks00 On Jun 28, 2013

Inc Magazine Has Featured SWAT Radon Mitigation As US's Fastest Growing Company

SWAT was featured in Inc. Magazine's fastest growing companies in the United States.
by dxxxy69 On Jun 28, 2013

Bordeaux is Hosting the Design Espana Exhibition at its Museum of Decorative Arts.

Spanish design is highly prized in France, and one of the objectives of this exhibition is to demonstrate the contributions that Spanish inventiveness has made to the fields of graphic art, industrial design and furniture.
by vosprl15 On Jun 28, 2013

Consider organic grass fed beef

Organic grass fed beef has something even more special than grass fed beef. Not only those cows eat only grass, but the grass is not treated with fertilizers, with pesticides or any other chemicals.
by sarahcoolen On Jun 28, 2013

GEECL - The Best Entity in the Area of Corporate Social Responsibility

GEECL has engraved its name in the industry through its foray in the CBM field in India. Led by Mr. Prashant Modi, the firm has drilled 150 production wells at its Raniganj (South) block.
by prashant_modi On Jun 28, 2013

Make Perfect Gifts for Women with Luxury Designer Watches

To say that luxury watches are not cheap items would be redundant, but there’s always the alternative of finding pre-owned watches in very good condition.
by davidbanks00 On Jun 28, 2013

Mr. Prashant Modi led GEECL and Indian IPO

Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited, led by Mr. Prashant Modi, the fully integrated, leading Indian Coal Bed Methane (CBM) company, is leased to announce its Preliminary Results for the 12 months ended 31 March 2013.
by prashant_modi On Jun 28, 2013

European Organ Transplant and Donation Experts Meet in Madrid

The meeting has been organised by the European Commission in collaboration with Spain's National Transplant Organisation (ONT) and Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.
by vosprl15 On Jun 28, 2013

Weaver Bros eggs Certified Approved by American Humane Association

This year, once again, the well-known and successful agribusiness, Weaver Bros., Inc., was approved for its humane certification for its treatment of its animals during production of Weaver Bros eggs.
by weaverbrosegg On Jun 28, 2013

The coast’s rustic secret

Arniston is an eye-catching village with natural beauty hugging it and an ideal holiday spot preferred by many. Arniston is one of the sea-side villages nestled
by GiulyRotarry On Jun 28, 2013

DUI Attorney Launches New Resource Center for Assisting Drunk Driving Arrestees

Informational Website Provides Access to All-inclusive Legal Facts Pertaining to DUI Laws, Penalties, and Rights in Jacksonville, Florida
by ateeq6228909 On Jun 28, 2013

There is hardly anyone today who does not use a computer.

There is hardly anyone today who does not use a computer. When we speak about computer, internet has almost become an essential part of it.
by spyshelter On Jun 28, 2013

Find Online Profitable Transactions with Cartier Watches

The internet market is presently so competitive and clients should definitely benefit from excellent deals and transactions.
by davidbanks00 On Jun 28, 2013

Doing Business in Dubai, UAE - Morison Menon

‘Doing Business in Dubai’, brought out by Morison Menon, provides a quick look of the vision which led to the renovation of Dubai and continues to shape its future.
by morisonmenon On Jun 28, 2013

Impact Of Rising Competition Over Trademark Selection

To serve the business and corporate sector here we introduce you with the range of legal firms with extensive experience that can offer you with the best of corporate legal services.
by thinktank On Jun 28, 2013

Doing Business in Abu Dhabi, UAE - Morison Menon

Morison Menon’s ‘Doing Business in Abu Dhabi’ book provides helpful information to help existing businesses and fresh investors planning to invest in Abu Dhabi, UAE
by morisonmenon On Jun 28, 2013

Benefits of Web Hosting Services

A well functioning server is the key to success for the web sites and the web hosting service plays an important role in this field.
by terrydani On Jun 28, 2013