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Chad Audi Celebrates 16 Years of Work with Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries

Chad Audi has worked for Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries since 1997. He has held a number of positions in the organization and has been the President/CEO since 2005.
by pzmediainc1 On Nov 9, 2013

PayMore Stores Helps Customers Make Cash While Helping the Environment

PayMore Stores pay customers cash for used cell phones, laptops, tablets and other devices, while ensuring customer privacy remains 100% intact.
by waqarali On Nov 9, 2013

Why to buy mutton online from authorized retailers

One of the most popular meats in the world, mutton is highly appreciated by literally millions and millions of people around the world.
by davidbanks00 On Nov 9, 2013

SRG Provides Tips For Proving Infidelity

Spouses who suspect they are being cheated on may need help in finding proof so that they know what actions to take. Specialized Resource Group provides tips for those who suspect their spouse may be unfaithful.
by waqarali On Nov 9, 2013

Get the Most Advantageous Services for Brand Registration in India

Brand is never just a name or the services that it has to provide; rather it is the driving force that makes it to stand out among the millions in the field.
by freetrademarksearch On Nov 9, 2013

Deckcraft Custom Decks Unveils Deck Accessories

A deck gives homeowners a great place to have guests over or a place for the family to gather and enjoy each other’s company.
by farooq On Nov 9, 2013

Insure life with life insurance quotes

Insurance guarantees a special amount to the designated beneficiary upon the death of the same or to the insured person if he or she lives beyond a certain age is called life insurance.
by smartbusiness On Nov 9, 2013

The economic force graduates face can be gigantic

The economic force graduates face can be gigantic. After five or more years of revising, the liability can be $100,000 or more before a job is even protected. Thankfully, there are scholar loan forgiveness programs to help alleviate the problem.
by aldobilly On Nov 9, 2013

Stephen Crivillaro Celebrates the Efforts of BOLD

Stephen Crivillaro, a young entrepreneur, is celebrating the efforts of Bronx Organization for the Learning Disabled (BOLD).
by pzmediainc1 On Nov 9, 2013

Specialized Resource Group Discovers Trucking Company Driver Misconduct

Employers must have accurate information in order to stop employee misconduct and prevent liability issues.
by waqarali On Nov 9, 2013

Now Test for STD/HIV at Home Accurately and Anonymously

The anonymous STD testing kits available through LT Labs are up to 99.8% accurate, are certified by ISO to surpass international medical standards and their HIV testing test kits are approved by USAID and meet WHO standards.
by stdrapidtestd On Nov 9, 2013

Top reasons to purchase home cured bacon from online butcheries

Eating a tasty dinner…what can be a better at the end of a busy and demanding day than a tasty dinner, cooked from the fresher ingredients?
by davidbanks00 On Nov 9, 2013

SparkBling Announces Gift Certificates Rewards for Social Media Support

SparkBling, an Internet site for quality costume jewelry, is offering $100, $50 or $25 gift certificates to lucky winners who sign up for an email account on the website and follow on Pinterest.
by waqarali On Nov 9, 2013

Catharine Hardyman Discusses The Importance of Faith in Her Life

Catharine Hardyman is a high school student and Christian leader within her community. She discusses what her faith means to her and how it impacts her life each day
by pzmediainc1 On Nov 9, 2013

Jailbreak Cydia Apps and Other iPhone Jailbreak Help At

What is Cydia? How to do a jailbreak? Is it legal? Are there benefits associated with an iPhone jailbreak?
by iphonejbu On Nov 9, 2013

EZShowings now Offers Free Showing Accounts to Realtors/Agents

This press release was written to inform the readers that EZShowings now offers free showing accounts to real estate agents.
by derekreed On Nov 9, 2013

Buy comfortable scrub sets for your staff members

The overall press release presented below is all about a leading online store that facilitates scrub tops, pants, apron and jackets at reasonable rates.
by james19sophie On Nov 9, 2013

SLIC Marketing Changes Internet Strategy for BC Businesses

SLIC Marketing offers new marketing strategies for businesses in British Columbia and throughout the world with its cutting-edge technology and applications.
by waqarali On Nov 9, 2013

Apple Adds Aldo Salinas to At Home Advisor Team

Aldo Salinas, graduate of California State University, was recently chosen by Apple to join their At Home Advisor team
by pzmediainc1 On Nov 9, 2013

Learn more on online butchers

Today the world is all about internet and digital connections, is all about being innovative and comfortable and finding the best solutions to simplify our existence.
by davidbanks00 On Nov 9, 2013