What eye drops should I use for my dog's eye infection?

Posted December 6, 2020 by laotian360

Although the number of dog owners is increasing, the number of diseases that occur in dogs is also increasing, especially in the eyes, which are an important part of the body.

In addition to eye care, however, there are other aspects of eye care that need more attention, and the following are some of the more appropriate ways to deal with them, in the hope that they will be resolved as soon as possible and the eyes will return to normal.

Eat a light and nutritious diet

The dog's eyes are found to be inflamed, the diet will need to pay more attention to the truth that I believe many people know, if the diet is unreasonable, often to the dog to eat some high oil and salt greasy food, the dog is more likely to cause eye disease.

The pet owner should pay attention to a light diet, let the dog drink more water to eat some fire fresh fruits and vegetables, can also prepare some fire winter melon soup or mung bean soup for the dog to drink, the dog body water is replenished, will also speed up the metabolism, help reduce inflammation.

Use of eye drops for dog eye care

Bacterial inflammation of the eye, the dog will have eye redness and swelling, increased secretions, abnormal tearing, frequent blinking or by the secretions paste eyes can not open their eyes normally, but these are considered mild inflammation, pet owners can use clean wipes and cotton swabs to help clean and scrape off the secretions in the eyes, wash your hands after opening the dog's eyelids, in the corners of his eyes and the whites of the eyes between the eyeballs a few drops of Wang Mu Qing such canine antibacterial drops, to help him soothe the eyes, maintain eye hygiene, can be used 3 to 5 times a day.

In the case of more serious inflammatory conditions such as conjunctivitis, lacrimation, or keratitis, it is recommended to seek a medical examination and further treatment as soon as possible in order to avoid worsening the inflammation.

Keep the room clean and sanitary

Pet owners also need to do a good job of indoor cleaning and sanitation, if the dog living in an environment of dust, bacteria, smoke and lint, floating particles, and other harmful substances will also irritate its eyes, making it more uncomfortable, it is best to regularly use disinfectant to indoor furniture, floor and the dog's cage, toys, cutlery, etc. are cleaned and disinfected once, and sterilized by drying, to maintain a good flow of indoor air, do not spray too strong stimulating spray or perfume.

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