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Posted February 11, 2020 by Tomedes

Businesses around the globe rely upon professional translation services to operate efficiently and profitably, but what are translation services and how can companies access them? Specialist translation agency Tomedes reveals all.

On the surface, translation services convert one language to another. In reality, however, professional translation services incorporate a vast range of skills and disciplines. Translation agency Tomedes has been providing language translation services and localization services to business customers across the globe for well over a decade, so is well placed to share its expertise with those looking to find out more about the industry. CEO Ofer Tirosh comments,

“Every client’s requirements are different when it comes to the professional translation services that they need. When I first thought about how to start a translation services business, I knew that a highly personalised service was essential, with a strong focus on customer service as well as superb language skills. This is what has enabled Tomedes to thrive over the past ten years.”

What are specialist translation services?

Tomedes provides a range of specialist services, from translation that requires an intense degree of sector-specific knowledge, such as legal translation and medical translation, to more technical tasks, such as providing a website translator or app translator. For each job, the company pairs the translator’s specific skills with the client’s requirements. 

In the case of a client wanting a Spanish to English translation of their website, for example, it’s not enough for the agency simply to provide a Spanish translator. The translator would need to specialise in websites specifically, so that they could translate website copy as well as undertaking string translation, localization and more. Yes, they would need to be able to translate Spanish to English accurately, but that’s far from the whole picture. 

Who needs professional translation services?

When it comes to who needs translation services, even relatively small companies in this day and age have much to gain by using a language translator. App developers are a great example of this. A developer who has created an app in English, for example, in theory has the potential to reach out to the world’s 1.5 billion English speakers. If that developer was to engage and English to Spanish translator, they would then have the potential to engage a further 400 million customers. 

That’s a huge additional target audience for the price of an English translator! By making it a priority to translate English to Spanish as part of the app’s growth, the developer can aim to get a far greater return for the time and money they have invested in the app in the first place. 

This is just a single example. Companies of all shapes and sizes rely on translation services to manufacture their goods, sell their products abroad, provide appropriate documentation and labels, market their services, engage with their customers and a huge range of other activities. 

While these examples have focused on Spanish translation to English and vice versa, Tomedes is quick to point out that a huge range of language pairings are available when it comes to professional translation services. The agency works with upwards of 90 languages, based on their clients’ needs. 

Being a company who  can provide translation services successfully means being flexible in response to clients’ needs. Whether it’s certified translation, localization or associated language-related services (interpretation, content writing, multilingual outsourced customer service), Tomedes provides them all. The agency serves as a one-stop-shop for businesses in need of linguistic support. 

In order to serve the vast (and still growing) demand for professional translation services, Tomedes has built up a network of translators that spans the planet. This enables the agency to closely match translators’ linguistic and sector-specific expertise with the needs of its global business clients. 

How much do translation services cost?

When it comes to working out what is the going rate for translation services, several factors come into play. One is the choice of languages that the client requires. It’s cheaper to hire a Spanish to English translator, for example, than a Navajo to Gaelic translator, due to the far greater availability of the former. 

It’s also more cost effective to hire a generalised translator than one who has specialist technical or legal knowledge. With the latter, the client pays more in order to access the particular knowledge that they require. 

By buying in a translation service through an agency such as Tomedes, the client also receives additional support, such as a dedicated account manager and 24/7 multilingual customer service. This can have a major impact on the company’s experience of translation – and it is this overall experience that Tomedes has committed to put front and centre of its translation services and which has enabled it to serve over 50,000 business clients over the course of the past ten years. 

Tomedes is a language services provider the delivers professional translation services in a vast range of language pairings. The company has been providing translation, localization, interpretation and other language services since 2007, with a wide network of specialist translators who work with clients around the globe. 

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