Skincare tips The right steps to take care of your skin at night, and the right way to take care of your skin

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For us girls who love beauty, beauty and skin care is an essential thing. Many women will ask how to achieve the best skin care results?

For us girls who love beauty, beauty and skin care is an essential thing. Many women will ask how to achieve the best skin care results? As a matter of fact, evening skin care is more important than morning skin care. Let's go together with Our lash to take a look at the proper evening skin care procedures.

1. Remove makeup thoroughly clean: every night, we are usually busy for a day, our skin will certainly be thick makeup suffocated but breath, in the evening, our cleaning work must be well done.
After returning home, we must remove our makeup as soon as possible, so that our skin can return to without makeup state earlier before going to bed, so as to give our skin more space and time for repair.

2. Apply lotion: After removing makeup, start to moisturize the skin below.
Most of us use lotion by slapping it directly on our face with our hands until it's absorbed. What we need to pay attention to is that our toner should not use moisturizing toner as far as possible, or toner containing alcohol is not allowed.

3. Regular masks: Regular masks are a great way to hydrate and improve the condition of our skin.
Before you do the mask, be sure to do a good job of cleaning; do not apply any skin care products. After applying the mask, follow up your daily routine. What needs to be noted is that the time of applying facial mask should not be too long, the number of times also need not be too frequent.
Only we have regular application of facial mask, regular skin care, there will be a delicate and smooth skin.

4. Lotion, beauty lotion: In order to ensure the health of the skin, be sure to apply lotion and beauty lotion before going to bed.
If you are very young, it is not recommended to use too early, because early use will cause the skin to lose the ability to produce oil, which will accelerate the aging process. Of course, young people's skin is very good; try not to use skin care products too early.

This is the specific steps of our night skincare. Then let’s see in the skin care at the same time, look again need to pay attention to what?
1. Key eye care: Our 21st century is an Internet era, we work in front of the computer for a long time, surfing the Internet to play computer, like to read e-books novels, stay up at night, but our dermatology will suffer.
Especially for our eyes, excessive eye fatigue will cause problems such as dark circles, eye bags, eye puffiness and so on. Therefore, we should pay attention to strengthen the protection of eyes while protecting our skin daily.

2. Pay attention to eye cleaning: Eye makeup is indispensable for us to make up. Our eyes are big and beautiful, but it is easy to put on makeup and difficult to remove.
Wrinkles are most likely due to improper makeup removal. Before these wrinkles occur, we should pay attention to the anti-wrinkle function of skin care products, and then use special eye makeup remover to prevent wrinkles.

3. Protect your vulnerable lips: Unlike the rest of your body, our lips not belong to the mucous membrane of a facial mask.
Keep your lips moist to prevent sun damage and chapped lips. As for problems with dryness and lip wrinkles, you can always carry a lip balm on your back, try to choose a lip balm with sunscreen in it.

If a woman wants to have a beautiful face, she must have good skin. Women must not casually deal with their face and skin, you know, you deal with your face and skin, your face and skin will deal with you. All your investments will pay off. Only if you take care of your skin and your face, will you win the favor of men and enjoy the favorable conditions at work.

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