A set of interlocking stratagems to win the new visitors to your store

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Today Ourlash will teach you a set of interlocking stratagems to win these new customers be your store members (or Persistent consumer) when all your lash artists are busy but customers are not willing to wait.

In our last article we analysis the new visitors to your store and we should try our best to keep them.

Today Ourlash will teach you a set of interlocking stratagems to win these new customers be your store members (or Persistent consumer) when all your lash artists are busy but customers are not willing to wait.

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Let’s get to the point now.
The premise of using this link meter is: first, to train the reception attitude and speech skills;
Second, train the communication skills of shop assistants, learn to grasp the pain points of customers;
The third is to train shop assistants' adaptability.

First: extend communication time
No matter it is motivated or unmotivated, the clerk in charge of reception must use the pre-prepared verbal skills to communicate with customers, and use them flexibly to extend the communication time with customers, so as to find out the pain points of customers.
For example, her previous eyelash grafts were unhealthy, damaging her eyelash health, etc

Second plan: first experience price + discount coupon
When communicating with customers, we can tell them that we have the first experience price (use the low price to attract customers to wait or make an appointment for the next time), and try to leave the name and phone number to make an appointment for the next time.
When the customer still insists that he or she is coming back or going away, the clerk gives the customer a 50 percent coupon and tells the customer that the coupon can be used twice in addition to the first experience price.
PS: in this way, customers can work out the first experience price + the second half price after they go back. If the technology and service introduction are in place, they will consider making an appointment or spending in the store, because it is really cost-effective.

Third plan: after the first time to the store, set cash reward for sharing.
If a customer feels good after first coming to the store, she can comment on the group purchase website or share it in the circle of friends.
You can immediately transfer a $10 cash envelope to her data account (this envelope is permanent).

Fourth plan: send cash vouchers after two visits to the store
After the customer comes to the store for the second time to spend 50% of the coupon, another $10 or $20 cash coupon will be given for three times to the store (if the customer has become a member, the coupon can be given $10 and can be deducted from the discount price of the member);
If the customer does not become a member, the coupon can be given$20, and directly deducted from the original price.

Fifth plan: three times to the store to push membership card
Customers have been in your shop for three times, but have not turned into a member, do you feel a little sorry for customers?
If at this time you cannot successfully persuade customers to apply for membership card, from the perspective of customers: either customers are rational consumption or low consumption power, or customers just want cheap price but regardless of health;
From the point of view of your lash artist: either the technology and service are not in place, or they’re not careful to push the card (emphasis on healthy grafting).

Sixth plan: keep improving on basic projects
In the basic project (such as removing eyelashes, etc.), the operation is carried out in accordance with the professional standard process, so that customers feel that we can achieve excellence in removing such a small project, there is a small view of the big, the effect of a small glimpse.
The core of the link meter is: try every means to get customers to repeat to the store.

Don't let go of your discounts, and don't let go of your vouchers.
For the shop, what is sent out is only the voucher, while for the customer, what is received is the real money that can be used as the voucher.
Customers do not come, one less customer expansion may be sustainable consumption;
When customers come, they spend, and then there are more ripple effects.

For example, convert into members, recommend friends to come over, share to her circle of friends, comment and share, etc.

I talked a lot today to make people pay attention to strange visitors.

Ask all the staff to learn the link plan, and also change the store's marketing thinking or model for new customers.

Get clerks and customers excited and you'll have more business.

Of course, not every visitor can be converted into a consumer or even a member, so do whatever it takes.

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