A member customer request refund on her 16th visit to the store - The harm of malicious competition

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The lash artist A & B, the two of them often quarrel over trifles,in front of the boss two people get along well, but in private, often secretly competitive.

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The lash artist A & B, the two of them often quarrel over trifles,in front of the boss two people get along well, but in private, often secretly competitive.

One day, B was not feeling well and asked for leave temporarily. Just at that time, one of her regular customers came to the store to do eyelash extensions so the manager asked A to do it.
After the customer sits down, the eyelash artist A checks the eyelashes of the customer and then starts to remove them completely.

In the process of removing, there is a conversation like this.

A asks the customer voluntarily: "why do you choose B to do your eyelash extensions? She is a very ordinary one in our store."
The customer was surprised and said, "how come? The eyelashes she grafted on me are pretty firm."

A is not happy and talks about the bad side of B.
And the customer also performance of impatience, not in response to her and keep asking how long can it be finished.

A month later, the customer came back, and B received her warmly.
The customer said, "There is an eyelash artist A in your shop said that your skill is not good and also scolded you a lot of things. Are you not on good terms with each other?"
B replied: "on the surface it is ok, personal relationship is very ordinary, maybe personality is not right."

Maybe the customer intentionally, or B be silly that day, they talked A lot on this topic and unexpectedly B speak ill a lot of A...

After the B finished eyelashes on the customer, the customer directly returns the card.

A few days later, another friend of the customer also came to make a purchase, and then withdrew her card. The reason was that her friend told her that the store's malicious competition made the customers' experience very poor.

In this case, you may not understand the customer's final withdrawal of the card, but from an objective point of view, it is an accident (because of the words of A), but also an inevitable (because of B's attitude).

On the surface, the personal small enmity between A and B is just A little thing, but it turns into a big tragedy through the carrier of customer.

This kind of malicious competition that leads to the loss of store profits must be avoided as far as possible.

What harm can malicious competition do?

01 From the perspective of the lash artists
1) Damage your image
Lash artists are basically young girls, looks simple, vibrant, this is to give customers the first impression, simple and beautiful.
Once the situation in the case occurs, the lash artists will tear each other down and retaliate against each other, which will make the customers disgusted and deeply discount the overall impression of the lash artist and no longer trust.
2) Affect working status
Imagine two scenarios
Scene 1:
Four lash artists in a shop are busy when they are working and talking about operating techniques and promotion skills when they are resting.
At the end of the day, although the work is hard, but between the staff to cheer each other, we are happy, full of spirit, just like a family.

Scene 2:
In the same shop, there are four lash artists. A and B don't get along well with each other because of their performance. They seldom contact with each other except for normal work communication.
This led to the other two being cautious in communicating with them.
At the beginning of the weekly meeting, A and B often argue with each other, and competition is more important than cooperation. When seeing this situation, the other two lash artists seldom express their opinions, which seriously slows down the progress of the store.

02 From the customer's point of view
Poor customer experience
Customers may choose a shop for consumption because of its beautiful decoration style, convenient transportation and friends' introduction, but whether they will spend here for a long time is largely influenced by service experience.

Case study, at the beginning eyelash artist A at the time of operation for the customer, if the B know A behavior, can immediately adjust good mentality, to appease the customer first, and then put the customer's attention to the eyelash with related to the topic, or talk about, in a timely manner to resolve the customer's doubts, so even if the customer finally return card, but the shop is not too disgusted for her.

03 From the store's point of view
Bad news travels fast.
Products (technology) and services are important factors affecting store reputation and reputation.
In the daily operation of the store, the image of lash aritist is the image of the store, and the customer has a bad impression on the customer. The customer will judge the store as unprofessional and poor service in the first time, and will not advise his relatives and friends to consume in the past. The store's reputation cannot be good.

Competition is a good thing, the solution from inside advocate clerk for benign competition of the fair, but "nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards", every store needs a set of incentive shopkeepers rewards and punishment system, at the same time also need to guide the lash artist ways to use the right way, reward excellent solution but don't give up encouraging other lash artist who is making progress.

In my next article I will talk about how should the manager do when there is competition in the store, please follow us to get more skills and information, remember we’re Ourlash, a lash factory that wholesale lashes all over the world, and we’re making every effort to be your best friends in your business.
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