Using a hair remover or wax to permanently remove mustache, which option is safer?

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Máy triệt lông cá nhân điều trị toàn thân thích hợp sử dụng tại nhà và các spa tối ưu chi phí, thời gian điều trị và mang lại hiệu quả cao.

Mustache removal - use a hair remover or wax to get rid of your mustache permanently, which is safe, effective, and pain-free.

What is a mustache?

The part of the beard that grows above the lips is called the mustache.

For men, a mustache is a characteristic feature that shows off its masculinity, strength and distinct charm.

However, for women, the mustache is what makes women extremely headache because they denounce their masculinity. Therefore, mustache removal is an effective method for you to immediately remove unwanted facial hair, regain the feminine beauty, inherent confidence.

The formation of a mustache has 4 factors:

Due to hormonal disorders of the body:
Male and female have 2 characteristic sex hormones: Testosteron and Estrogen. After puberty, this hormone is strongly produced, leading to a great change in the appearance and functions of the internal organs including hair growth.

Normally, the hormone Testosteron regulates the ability to develop body hair in each person. Women who have too strong mustaches mean that the male hormone develops stronger, more prominent than Estrogen.

Side effects of medications
Some forms of drugs contain medicinal compounds but have the ability to stimulate and disrupt the hormonal function inside the body, which is also not uncommon for girls to have mustaches.

Genetic factors account for 50% of the reason that women have less feminine mustaches. According to research, the process of endocrine disorders or increased hair from one parent or both can be inherited to the children.

Poor living habits
The habit of sleeping late, getting insufficient sleep, lacking nutrients, using stimulants, ... occurs a lot in young people and is also the reason why you have a reluctant mustache on your face.

The inadequate living regime causes the body to disturb its metabolism and easily lead to hormone disorders. The risk of women with an unhealthy lifestyle of having a mustache is 5 times more than those who know how to take care of themselves.

So need to choose a method to remove mustache safely, effectively and less painful.

1. The manual method, waxing is one of the most popular methods.

But is it really safe for mustache removal?

Essentially, hair wax is plucking on a large scale and combined with waxing.

The method of waxing is very simple, we only need wax and a piece of cloth or paper to do it.

However, the mustache grows above the lips, and we know the face is a sensitive part, if we use regular hair wax, it is easy to harm.

The use of facial wax is really not recommended. Because the action of waxing is to pull the piece of wax paper hard so the hair follows the paper and the wax. With such a strong action, it is very easy to damage the facial skin, even the skin will be irritated with the ingredients of the wax.

Waxing is a quick and cheap method. However, it will have shortcomings such as:

The hairs will continue to grow, growing longer, straighter, darker and stiffer.
It is the continued growth of the hairs that we need to maintain waxing. And long-term treatment with this method will make our pores dilate.

The large pores create favorable conditions for dirt from the outside environment and bacteria to enter, causing inflammation.

2. High technology method

SMOOTHSKIN PURE is designed to help break the hair growth cycle. Light energy is transmitted through the skin surface and absorbed by the melanin present in the hair shaft. The absorbed light energy is converted to heat energy (below the surface of the skin), which neutralizes hair follicles. Treated hair falls off spontaneously in a few days to 1-2 weeks.

Using the latest IPL technology, SmoothSkin Pure provides a smart, fast and super effective treatment designed to stop hair growth and leave skin smooth, free of bruises and hair growth. uncomfortable.

The machine has 3 modes of operation to choose the right treatment mode: Power, Speed, Gentle (There is a gentle shot mode for new users)

Skin tone sensor helps to determine your skin tone and set the right output power level. SMOOTHSKIN PURE, the skin tone sensor will signal and stop the device from working.

The device has a gentle mode suitable for treating sensitive areas such as facial skin and incorporates smart sensors, so it is very easy and effective to remove mustache.
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