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Creating space is one of the most difficult parts in FIFA 15. Today, will share a video of how to make it with you. The video will cover everything and is in-depth completely. You can get all the tips of drag-back technique, which is one of the most underused and overpowered features in FIFA 15. You can take this as your advantage and players that are world class at tackling and passing but don’t have any pace. Have a look at the video below, as it shows all the ways and how to use them in your game. This is revolutionary completely, and also a game change, for that this way takes pace out of the picture effectively, and you can have the space that is necessary for completing killer pass, which will get a goal to your team ultimately. There are 4 kinds of dragback. There are listed as follows.
Drag-back - Basic
This way isn’t the most effective among the 4 kinds, as you need to stop the ball by pressing RT button/R2 on Xbox/PlayStation, then hold RB/R1 on Xbox/PS, and control the left-stick in the facing opposite direction. For instance, if you shoot from the right to the left, then the right will be right when aiming the left-stick. Because you have to stop the ball in FUT, especially when there is no player running with a full speed into you, you don’t have enough time to do anything, because you maybe lucky or not.
Drag-back - Fake
This way not only can vary your play, but also can confuse your opponent, and give the very timing that it can make space for you. You can hold R2/RB to use this in the final third, then you can hold the left-stick in the opposite facing direction, then straight into the facing direction. If you shoot from the left to the right, then you can control it left then right.
Drag-back Right or Left
In the final third, you should use this with your wingers and strikers. It is useful to get off your shot after performing. Holding R2/RB to implement it. If you shoot from left to right, then it will be left, then left or down, then up on the left-stick. It maybe one of the most complicated kings among the four. After practicing, you will find that it is very helpful for your locker to get off the shot.
Drag-back and Turn
This way is the most effective way so far. If you have watched the tutorial, you can find that this way not only creates space for you in the opponents penalty area,but also in the middle of the pitch. The way is also the easiest among the four to implement. You can simply hold R2/RB and aim the left-stick in the opposite facing direction.
Using wingers is also very good, for that the side-back can be confused and a shot off or your delivery into the box can be got. Remember not to use these 4 kinds of back-drag in your half and with your defenders, for that it is too overpowered, it is too risky and maybe you will get tackled by the opponent attackers.
If you want to watch the tutorial, you can go to
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