A healthy breakfast is the key to healthy life

Posted July 23, 2017 by sylvermark

Cereals and whole grain should without doubt be a part of your breakfast.

Cereals and whole grain should without doubt be a part of your breakfast. Healthy breakfast comprising cereals to start a happy morning with and a meal for lunch cooked in coconut oil to complete the drill – this is what makes for a good diet. End the day with a light dinner, and bingo, you’ve got the key to a healthy life. Can it be this easy? Yes, it can. And, guess what, you can forget about diseases and medicines if you can keep with this for a good part of your life. Let’s look at the reasons why we are suggesting this. It will encourage you to bring a bit of change in your food habits for the greater good.
Here’s to good health for the cereal consumer
Healthy breakfast should include whole grain cereals. They have a good amount of protein, little saturated fat, some sugar and a lot of calories. You may want to consider rice, wheat or buckwheat or corn or oats as your choice of whole grain cereals. To make them tasty and add more health quotient, have them with milk and fruits. Add some nuts to it if you like. Butter is good if you’re up for it, else there is good old yoghurt to make this healthy breakfast into a delicious one.
There is one more way. If you’re short of time and you have to make a dash for it then there is packed organic cereals available as well. Keep a good stock of it at home. You have a choice from gluten free creamy rice, six grain hot cereal, crumbled apple and chia seeds, oatmeal, gluten free muesli, porridge, toasted muesli and apricots and much more. These organic, ready-to-eat cereals will ensure that you don’t miss out on any important nutrient - a perfect recipe for a healthy breakfast.
The real deal with coconut oil
Now that you know what a breakfast should comprise, let’s talk about the rest of the diet. And, if you still haven’t made coconut oil a necessary ingredient then it’s time you do. To be fair, it is more commonly found in countries with tropical climate but its benefits have far outreached the geographical boundaries. It is being packed and sold in other countries as well at a higher cost. Even if so, every dollar is more than worth it. You can apply coconut oil on your skin and hair and see them healthy. All the dryness will go away and your skin will not show any signs of aging for a long time. You will notice that your hair will grow better than it did before. This oil protects the protein in your hair, reducing hair fall and inducing growth. As for your body, coconut oil aids in digestion, protects internal organs, improves metabolism, helps in weight loss, enhances immunity, increases healing process, strengthens bones and heart functions and controls blood sugar levels.
Are you still asking yourself if whole grain cereals make for healthy breakfast or coconut oil can be a good ingredient to cook your meal with? Well, we have just solved the mystery. Help yourself to it.
A healthy breakfast (https://www.inlakeshlivingfoods.com.au/cereals) including whole grain cereals and meals cooked in coconut oil (https://www.inlakeshlivingfoods.com.au/Organic-Cold-Pressed-Extra-Virgin-Coconut-Oil-1L) can be your recipe to a healthy life.
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