Study Confirms Red Grape’s Resveratrol Anti Aging Qualities

Posted February 16, 2013 by suleman

Red grape’s skin has long been proclaimed as having numerous health benefits including anti aging qualities.

Red grape’s skin has long been proclaimed as having numerous health benefits including anti aging qualities. A new study once again confirms that the anti aging qualities from Red grape’s skin Resveratrol are very real. You will find more info on Resveratrol in this webpage

A study published in Cell Metabolism tested Resveratrol on mice. Dr. David Sinclair from Harvard Medical School explains Resveratrol works by acting on the SIRT1 gene, which is also believed to control longevity. When this gene is deleted from mice, it results in developmental defects. In this recent study, researchers were able to produce mice without the SIRT1 gene that were healthy so they could be studied. For more on the SIRT1 Gene go to

What the researchers found was that in order for Resveratrol to be effective the SIRT1 gene needed to be there. They discovered that Resveratrol directly targets the SIRT1 gene . As dosage increases, it also focuses on other targets.

Sinclair says, “"Resveratrol improves the health of obese mice on a high-fat diet and increases life span. Resveratrol is a dirty molecule. Its benefits had been attributed largely to its actions on SIRT1, based on studies in yeast, worms, and flies, but the naturally occurring ingredient has other effects; it influences dozens of proteins, and some evidence had pointed to the importance of another well-known gene (called AMPK) for Resveratrol's metabolic benefits. “ Read more at about the serious health risks that accompany obesity to understand why Resveratrol is a great weapon against those risks.

These findings brought up the question whether SIRT1-targeted drugs in development were focused in the wrong direction. Those doubts have now been erased. The study not only confirms the benefits of Resveratrol in slowing the aging process it better clarifies how it does this and at what levels it is most effective.

Dr. Philippe Marambaud, who is an investigator at the Litwin-Zucker Center for Research in Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Disorders at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in Manhasset, N.Y, warns, "A mouse model is not a human being, especially when you are genetically manipulating this animal model, so you want to be very careful. We should be very careful about claiming the importance of Resveratrol for medical purposes." Needless to say we need to find out what dosages of Resveratrol are safe for human consumption to avoid side effects like the ones listed in this article

That doesn’t appear to have slowed down the Pharmaceutical companies who are confident they have enough evidence to begin to produce an anti aging treatment. Sirtris Pharmaceuticals Inc. is in the early stages of developing synthetic Resveratrol molecules to treat age-related diseases and to create an anti aging treatment.

So should we all start drinking more red wine, eat more grapes? Sinclair suggests that might not be a good idea, since it would take 100 glasses of red wine a day to get the benefits. According to info in this webpage it is clear that abusing alcohol may have the opposite effect and instead leading to faster aging. For more on the symptoms of aging visit !

So how does one enjoy the benefits of Resveratrol then? There are a number of Resveratrol supplements on the market, but one product that seems to give consumers double benefits is GenF20 Plus, which contains Resveratrol. GenF20 Plus is an HGH supplement that also has excellent anti aging properties sow when combined with Resveratrol it increases the potency and the benefits. In addition, Resveratrol is an HGH releaser so it helps your body make the most of the HGH supplement – it’s a win-win. offers more info on Genf20 plus for those interested in an anti aging HGH supplement.

When Resveratrol is combined with healthy eating, drinking lots of water, regular exercise, plenty of fresh air, and a healthy lifestyle overall, impressive results are seen in slowing down the aging process.

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