Ways to Care for Your Car Amid the Pandemic

Posted August 30, 2020 by steveson

There’s no denying that in normal times, many people use their vehicles almost every day. Now in view of the current situation, millions of cars are sitting idle to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

There’s no denying that in normal times, many people use their vehicles almost every day. Now in view of the current situation, millions of cars are sitting idle to curb the spread of the deadly virus. A very pressing concern for people during this pandemic has been the fear of making decisions with insufficient information. Many people have been wondering about vehicle maintenance during this time. Leaving your favourite car completely unattended amidst the lockdown could cause a lot of damage, hefty car repair bills in particular as you let your car sit while under lockdown.

Given the fact that most of the US is on some form of lockdown - and most people’s daily drivers are sitting for longer than usual - proper vehicle maintenance is of significant importance than it might seem. You’ll most probably not want your car in an unstable condition in the face of an emergency. Here’s what you need to know about maintaining your car from some of the top car repair, Freehold NJ service providers to ensure that your car is ready for a spin again when the lockdown ends:

First and foremost, it is important that you choose the right spot to park (choose a spot that is sturdy) your vehicle to prevent your car from any form of damage. Keep your car covered to safeguard it from direct sunlight, dust, bird droppings, and thieves. Make sure to clean your car daily (at least thrice a week) without flouting any social distancing or lockdown rules. Clean both the exterior and the interior to avoid the smell, bacteria, and rust. Make sure you do not leave any perishable items inside or near your vehicle or else it will attract rodents, which can do substantial damage.

Always keep the tank full of gas to avoid condensation inside the fuel tank due to empty space, which can lead to rusting inside the tank. Use tape or simple cloth rag to seal all the ports, vents, valve covers, cylinder heads, intake and exhaust ports to deter creatures from visiting and nesting. Do not put off safety-related services, meaning brakes and steering issues or transmission problems, or anything else that may stand in the way of your ability to drive properly must be addressed without any delay. Last, but not the least check details of your car insurance / two-wheeler insurance and keep an eye out on its renewal dates.

Car battery can die- It’s advisable that you unplug the battery if you are not contemplating driving the vehicle for an extended period of time to keep the battery from dying when you do start your car after a while.

At the same time, you need to also consider the fact that car batteries discharge over time. If you try to start your car after a long layover, there are high chances that the battery will die down. The easiest way to prevent a dead battery is to turn the ignition and check the battery at least once every week to keep it running. Moreover, if automobiles are left to sit in garages or parking spaces for weeks and months on end, the interacting components that make the vehicle run efficiently, including belts, battery, etc. can start to corrode, break down, or even rot. So it’s always wise to drive your car at regular intervals.

Flat spots on your tires- Tires lose pressure over time, flat spots develop when a car sits in the same position for too long, causing flattening of the rubber in that area. Make sure to keep maximum tire pressure. You can ensure that by starting your vehicle and moving it a foot ahead and back.

Brakes- Do not leave the parking brake on for a longer length of time, because the brakes can get stuck to the calibres. Instead of leaving the handbrake engaged, leave your vehicle in gear and use stones to stop it from rolling down from slopes.

The bottom line is you should take your car out for at least a 20–minute or 10-mile drive a couple of times in a month, which will help to lubricate and move component parts that need agitation to stay in good shape, and keep your car’s battery charged!

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