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Posted June 2, 2018 by stanlys

In the early 1950’s, a mechanical engineer, employed by the National Weather Service, started attempting to intercept dust devils that he saw along the highway on his family vacations.

He would see a vortex a mile away, and push the family car to its limits, kids screaming joyfully in the backseat, across dirt roads and even empty fields, chasing the high of the peculiar sensory experience he got standing inside a tiny tornado.

Neil Ward became so obsessed with atmospheric vortices, that he converted his garage into a lab and began attempting to create them at home. He eventually succeeded, and his research on the behavior of tornadoes continues to drive research today. Many of the systems we have in place to warn civilians of the oncoming destruction of a twister are the direct result of Ward’s road trip detours, and the fearless adrenaline junkies who followed in his footsteps, chasing bigger storms, and collecting better data.

Experienced storm chasers report that just before a tornado touches down, the sky is so exhilaratingly beautiful and calm that the uninitiated find it impossible to imagine the destruction that will soon follow.

In the world of investing, it can be similarly difficult for investors to read the signs that an advisor is about to destroy everything in his wake. Those fantastic promises and the calm assurance of an advisor’s demeanor and image often blind investors to the signs that a seasoned data-collector would immediately read as red lights and blaring alarms.

After years of diligent and dangerous work and research, scientists have managed to reliably predict tornadoes a meager thirteen minutes before one touches down. Happily for investors, the research on advisor-client relationships has advanced much more quickly. We can predict with stunning accuracy and speed which relationships will lead to long term success, and which are likely to end in devastation.

At Advice Chaser, our mission is to carefully curate a shortlist of professionals who are the best in their fields, and to precisely match them with the clients whose needs uniquely match each specific professional’s sharpest skills.
Advice Chaser wants every client to succeed, and we’ve partnered with great professionals to make it happen.
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