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Happy birthday, Star Wars: The Old Republic. I don’t think your birthday has actually ever fallen on the same day that my article released, so this is a great treat. And it’s also an interesting time for SWTOR because things have changed so much since launch, and it continues to evolve as does its audience to some extent.And you can buy swtor credits with cheap price on Swtor2credits.
Early access and launch
At the time, EA would only allow about 20 minutes of gameplay to be broadcast at a time, and I couldn’t really give away any spoilers about the game story. I did something that no one else was doing: I played the beginning of all eight starting class stories and talked about my experience so far with the game. Livestreaming was rather new in 2011, but I still had hundreds of people watching me play the game. It was both intimidating and exciting.

Officially, I joined the game on the first day of early access. However, I was never one of those people who sped through content. I wanted to enjoy the leveling process, but at the same time, I also wanted to join people in operations (which at the time was just Eternity Vault) and Ilum PvP. So I picked a class story that I wasn’t exactly interested in prior to launch: The Sith Warrior. I figured that I could zoom through that story without paying much attention and hit max level quickly. I was wrong. The Sith Warrior story is one of my favorites, second only to the Imperial Agent, and it took me more than two weeks to actually hit max level.

The launch of the game was very exciting. Everything was fresh, new, and interesting. The storytelling reminded many people of Knights of the Old Republic and other BioWare games. In fact, some classes were accused of being direct rips from existing BioWare games, like Mass Effect. BioWare writers swear that there was no collusion between the BioWare Austin and BioWare Edmonton teams as far as that was concerned.

Guys!Time to join Swtor2credits Christmas sale,swtor credits with 9% off (code:MCS9) & 5% extra bonus offered from Dec.18-Dec.25,2017.

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