WOW Classic Dire Maul Dungeon Was Available Now, Ahead Of Phase 2

Posted October 18, 2019 by RSorder

WOW Classic Dire Maul Dungeon Was Available Now, Ahead Of Phase 2

The three-part dungeon Dire Maul was originally set to launch with Phase 2, but it has sped up to mid-October by Blizzard, the first major update of World of Warcraft Classic was available from this Tuesday, jammed with classic wow gold elves, ogres and other bad things, in short, you have to be busy again.

World of Warcraft Classic brings surprise and excitement to the players again just like in 2006, players who were willing to wait for several hours to enter the servers a little over a month ago, and they are still willing to encounter such an epic challenge this time.

Dire Maul opened in the Feralas zone Tuesday, which is actually a terrible dungeon, requiring 5-player to work together through all three of its wings ranked from level 55 to 60, and the terrible monsters carry the high-value items approaching, you will never get them very easily, so look out.

Since there are so many quests to complete in the dungeon, while the low-level players are not strong to defeat the enemies. Once get in, it is best for those players to carry such tools including lock picks, explosives or keys, which can not only help discover valuable stats or magical Orb of Deception, but even let you go further.

West and North Wing can be explored by the players by keys, lock picks and explosives, while the East Wing just opened for all players. The most difficult section of the three is Dire Maul North, there is an event called Tribute Run, all the players must fight together to finish off King Gordok, the leader of the Gordok Ogre tribe.

For those players who are near level 60 or reached it, they wanted to challenge some more difficult quests. With Dire Maul, no matter which class they are, there are more things to do, such as the quests for Paladin and Warlock epic mounts, they are harder than ordinary quests, which should be added to Phase 2, but now the release date of its remaining content has not yet been determined, hopefully it can come as soon as possible.

As early as the first release of WOW Classic, it was not a simple game and Blizzard has divided in into six phases, put it simply, we can continue to see some new content added to Classic when waiting.

World of Warcraft Classic started all the servers with nostalgic on August 26 this year, and all subscribers can play all the content of the game for free. For those who want to return to Azeroth, it is indeed a good opportunity to find old friends who used to play games together. World of Warcraft Classic is available on PC and Mac now.

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