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Fast osrs gold with Up to 7% off for Chambers of Xeric Till Mar.11!Buy Now on RSorder!

This week sees the release of several changes about previously promised Chambers of Xeric. This update brings the last of rs 2007 gold the changes from the Chambers of Xeric blog have published last month. Although that blog proposed an update to the energy wells in the Chambers, that wasn't so well received, so its not proceeding with it for now. It can be polled in future if players do turn out to want it. What's more, you can buy cheapest osrs gold from our site and expect it then.

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However, players did make some additional requests in response to the blog. In particular, the OSRS team would like to adjust how the Chambers of Xeric scales its NPCs' combat stats and points to suit each party. The current behaviour is to look at the average combat stats of the party members. This has led to parties being disadvantaged if a pure member drags down their averages. They'd like to change it so that it looks at the highest combat stats of any party member, rather than the average ones. For solo trips this won't make a difference, but mixed parties will no longer be so disadvantaged by including pures. That change hasn't been ready for this week's update, but the team hope to launch it in early March.

The Ice Demon

The following changes have been made to improve the experience of facing the Ice Demon room within the Chambers of Xeric:

1. Trees found within the Ice Demon room in Chambers of Xeric are now less likely to fall
2. As trees in CoX can now give more wood than before, the Woodcutting XP gained per item of kindling has been reduced slightly
3. Players will now receive more wood than before when successfully chopping trees within the room based on Woodcutting level
4. The Ice Demon’s defences are now lower than before and its magic defence behaviour has also been changed, making it weaker to spells overall including it's additional weakness to fire spells


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