How to persuade your website's visitors to make a purchase with the help of a retargeting software

Posted July 2, 2018 by Retargetingbiz

Every online shop owner is well aware that almost 96% of first-time visitors are not ready to complete a purchase.

Every online shop owner is well aware that almost 96% of first-time visitors are not ready to complete a purchase. A pessimist would see this percentage as a big loss, but switch your perspective and these numbers become huge opportunities. However, if you want to boost conversions, you need to persuade these visitors to return to your website. But how can you achieve this objective?

A retargeting software is the ideal solution to engage first-time visitors and convince them to return to your site. Here are a few ways to persuade your prospects to make a purchase with the help of retargeting:

Personalize your ads

Every consumer appreciates that personal touch which makes him/her feel special and appreciated. That’s why personalized ads are highly efficient in increasing CTR and boosting conversions.

The most important advantage of using a retargeting software is that it’s an integral part of its features to let you tailor your ads to each individual visitor's needs and interests, which can significantly boost engagement.

For instance, you can offer your prospects a one-time discount if they expressed interest in a particular product. In order to increase the chances of converting them into customers, you can also add a time constraint and let them know that the offer is available for a limited time only.

Understand the behavior of visitors who don't convert

A powerful way of using a retargeting software is to engage the prospects who abandoned their shopping cart. The best approach is to offer them an incentive to return to your website and redirect them to the checkout page.
Creating retargeting campaigns for large, undefined visitor lists, without taking into account their browsing behavior is the recipe for failure, not for increasing your conversion rate.
But the good news is that a retargeting software is designed with the ability to track and monitor the browsing behavior of your visitors, which will help you address their needs and interest with high precision.

Use A/B testing for an even more precise targeting of your visitors

AB testing involves testing variations of a web page in order to find out which one brings the best results and the best conversion rate. When performing an A/B test, a web page (Page A) is compared against a different variation of that page (Page B) by alternately displaying both versions to a live audience.

The number of prospects who convert on each page is recorded as a percentage of conversions per visitor, also known as the “conversion rate”. The conversion rates for each variation are then compared against each other to determine which page performs better.

A retargeting software can help you a lot when performing A/B tests. Basically, any element of a web page can be tested, from a call-to-action button's color, the position of a banner on your page, to the content of an ad.
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